Advancing with the Stars: Stephanie Hickman

Stephanie Hickman is President and CEO of Trice Construction Company

Each year, WBENC presents 14 women business owners with the prestigious Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) Star Award. The WBE Star Award is the nation’s premier recognition for excellence among certified women-owned businesses, honoring female owners for their leadership skills, business success, and ability to serve as an inspiration to others.

Today, meet WBE Star Stephanie Hickman, President & CEO of Trice Construction Company, an award-winning strategic supplier and self-performing contractor for the utility infrastructure industry.

After 25 years as a labor attorney, utility executive with Exelon Corporation, and lobbyist, Stephanie Hickman left corporate America in 2006 to acquire the construction company her family started in 1967. Since the acquisition, she has led its transformation from a small residential construction company to an award-winning, utility infrastructure and commercial concrete contractor serving Fortune 500 corporations, top 100 general and infrastructure contractors and major public entities.

Stephanie is “The Mentor” because she believes in the ongoing responsibility to pay it forward, frequently working with other minority-owned businesses in the early stages of their development to set them up for success. Read below as Stephanie shares her company’s values, her proudest moment in business, and some advice for new entrepreneurs.

Advice from the Stars

What values have led to and continue to support your business acumen? Share your business philosophy and its influence on your success.

The company was founded on the principles of:

  • Focus on quality and attention to detail

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Delivering beyond expectations

  • Perseverance

These basic principles and values, established over 50 years ago, are timeless and continue to guide Trice Construction.

What is your proudest moment in business?

Our proudest moment was our largest single day concrete pour. Trice was contracted to build a multi-bay oil containment structure on the site of a new electrical substation. On that day, we completed a 1400 cubic yard monolithic pour. Our team delivered a high-quality product that formed the foundation for the balance of the structure including 30-foot firewalls. The pour day – and the balance of the project - was completed with no safety incidents.

What advice do you have for a new entrepreneur?

My advice for a new entrepreneur is to cultivate patience. Things almost always take longer than you expect. Most things move far more slowly than entrepreneurs would like. I also advise new entrepreneurs to be relentless. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are. Build a team of trusted advisers. Join and actively participate in industry organizations. Network with purpose. Learn how to speak “bank”. Be relentless. For women, join WBENC!

What do you view as benefits of being part of the WBENC network?

The WBENC network offers many benefits including education to improve business acumen, access to procurement opportunities and a network of other business owners at and beyond your stage of growth.

What guiding words would you like to share with a newly certified WBE who is looking to get involved in the WBENC community?

Network. Engage. Collaborate.

About Trice Construction


Trice Construction Company is an award-winning strategic supplier and self-performing contractor for the utility infrastructure industry. Core competencies include heavy civil, structural and concrete construction services. More than 90% of our work is in energy infrastructure including electrical underground distribution and substations. Trice fulfills the high demand for qualified construction partners who can successfully overcome the significant barriers to entry including safety performance and scale for the rebuilding, upgrading and maintenance of US energy infrastructure.

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