12 Top Tier Women Business Enterprises (WBEs) Celebrate the Completion of the First WBENC Chemical Industry Accelerator Cohort

Last month in Nashville, Tennessee, as a part of the 2023 WBENC National Conference, the inaugural 2022 WBENC Chemical Industry Accelerator cohort, brought to you by BASF, Dow, Ecolab, culminated their guided experience through the intricacies of how to accelerate their company’s involvement within the Chemical Industry. This program consisted of 7 virtual sessions, including a virtual Match & Meet opportunity and optional in-person on-site visits. Over the course of eight months these businesses participated in an immersive experience with our corporate members.

Title Sponsors:

The virtual programming comprised of expert lead sessions including but not limited to;

  • ESG & Sustainability: Reducing your Carbon Footprint
  • Innovation: Being a Disrupting Factor in the Chemical Industry
  • Business Tactics: Perfecting your Pitch
  • Financial Planning Strategies for the Growth of your Business, led by Morgan Stanley and fellow WBE, CEO Success Community.
  • And more!

A signature component of the Chemical Industry Accelerator is its emphasis on relationship-building between WBE suppliers and the sponsored corporate members.

Participants in the Chemical Industry Accelerator are selected and welcomed into the cohort through one of the three respective sponsor pods. Sponsor pods are hand-picked WBEs chosen to embark on this chemical industry journey through one of three corporate sponsors: BASF, Dow, and Ecolab. Each corporation selected four WBEs to sponsor throughout the duration of the program, making up the 12-cohort participants. Every WBE has the same experience during the virtual education sessions and the culmination event; however, the sponsor pod provides optional engagement opportunities for further involvement between the WBE and their respective corporation.


Sponsor pod engagement opportunities varied throughout the cohort’s 8-month term.

With invitations to exclusive supplier diversity events involving Dow’s procurement team members, virtual meetings with specialized buyers through Ecolab, or even an on-site meet-up with BASF’s leadership team at one of their chemical plants, each sponsor pod offers a unique experience to their respective attendees.

With Dow as my mentor, our business increased to make Dow our 4th largest customer in less than a year! That business continues to grow, and I have been put in touch with Dow personnel at additional sites to network and grow our Dow footprint even more.
Rebecca Mouk
President, Ascension Roofing & Fabrication

Congratulations to the following Women Business Owners for successfully completing the inaugural cohort of the Chemical Industry Accelerator:

Mila Evans, Evans Industrial

Judith Sikorski, Xena International

Charu Jain, Gasochem

Kellye Badon, Caliber Solutions

Meg Cook, Painters USA

Rebecca Mouk, Ascension Roofing and Fabrication

Lela Mae Wilkes, Brown Eagle

Julie Van Brunt, Lintech

Tracey Felder, 5 Star Enterprise Inc.

Marilyn FitzGerald, Transchemical

Linda Boasmond, Cedar Concepts

Anna Milantoni, Stone Environmental

While the application process has concluded for the 2023 cohort, interested WBENC-Certified Women Business Enterprises may refer to the Chemical Industry Accelerator programs page and subscribe to the WBENC Newsletter for routine program-related updates.


Jon Cockerham
Programs Manager

As a Programs Manager, Jon leads industry specific executive education programs like the WBENC Chemical Industry Accelerator and Energy Executive Program.