WBENC Public Television Documentary with “Empowered Hosted by Meg Ryan” Available for Viewing!

In 2023, WBENC agreed to participate in the documentary video series, Empowered Hosted by Meg Ryan.This project, focused on women’s business development, highlights the WBENC network’s steadfast dedication to championing and supporting women-owned businesses. It includes a short-form documentary to be aired on Public Broadcasting Stations (PBS affiliates) throughout the next year, a 60-second video to air during CNBC Prime Time and across the Top 100 U.S. broadcast markets, plus a longer length feature video.

Nationwide Public Television Documentary

Beginning in June 2024, the short-form Empowered Hosted by Meg Ryan documentary titled “Women at the Helm: Outreach and Education Initiatives Supporting Inclusion and Opportunities for Women-Owned Business” will be aired nationwide on public television affiliates throughout the next 12 months. This documentary delves into the impactful work of WBENC and the vibrant network that supports women entrepreneurs.


Watch the WBENC Empowered Hosted by Meg Ryan Public TV Documentary Now!


CNBC Prime Time and Regional Top 100 Market Broadcasts

Following a CNBC Prime Time premiere on June 5th, 2024, the video will be aired on regional broadcast stations across the Top 100 U.S. markets, ensuring widespread visibility and increased awareness for our WBENC mission.

A Testament to Our Network

Being featured in this documentary series is a testament to the powerful and continually growing WBENC network, which includes:

  • 20,000+ WBEs (Women’s Business Enterprises)
  • 550+ Corporate Members
  • Emerging women-owned business leaders and advocates
  • Countless other supporters

Join us in celebrating this incredible milestone for WBENC and the women-owned businesses we champion. Your support and participation make our success possible!

Watch the CNBC Prime Time 60-Second WBENC Video
Watch the CNBC Prime Time Segment on WBENC



Watch the Full Length Video Featuring WBENC President and CEO Pamela Prince-Eason, WBENC Board Chair Nedra Dickson and WBENC Senior Manager Audrey Awasom