The ability to pitch (whether it’s your business, an idea or initiative) in a succinct and effective way is not something that comes naturally to most people.

It is very much a learned skill, with even the most senior leaders sometimes struggling to hone in on the exact words and delivery to get their points across.

You may have noticed that WBENC has a bit of “pitch fever” recently, with more and more programming dedicated to helping our network master the art of the perfect pitch. This focus is quite deliberate.

For one, in working with our Corporate Members who are on the receiving side of many business pitches, we understand that this is an area where many WBEs struggle and could benefit from some training and skills development. Take it from me, even the most seasoned business people can benefit from a refreshed pitch technique.

Secondly, we know that through the opportunities we offer all year long, including our national events and 1:1 MatchMaker meetings, WBEs often have a limited amount of time to deliver their best pitch to potential clients. We want to maximize that opportunity to the fullest, in order to help ensure those pitches are concise and lead to more opportunities and ultimately business growth.

And lastly, but equally as important, pitching is a skill that applies to us all – WBEs, Corporate Members, Regional Partner Organizations, strategic partners – you name it. We all find ourselves in situations where we need to pitch an idea or solution and get our point across clearly, concisely and convincingly. To serve our collective mission of increasing opportunities for women entrepreneurs, we want to make sure each of you is armed with the best possible pitch techniques and skills.

At the upcoming National Conference & Business Fair, we have several opportunities to work on your pitch:

  • WBENCPitch, presented by PepsiCo, is our tournament-style pitch competition. WBEs will deliver their best pitch for the opportunity to win $15k. Applications are due this Friday, May 24.
  • Elevate Your Pitch is a circuit in the WBENC Business Lab, which will feature opportunities for WBEs and others to learn from pitching experts and practice in the American Express Pitch Booth.

You also do not want to miss the SEP Pitch Competition, which has become a premier program for young female founders. You can meet the cohort of students here and make sure you attend the competition on Thursday afternoon to witness the next generation of WBENC in action.

Of course, the Business Fair is the perfect opportunity to put your best pitch to use – you can see an updated list of exhibitors on the conference website here. We have also just released new details about a few of our featured speakers, the Business Lab circuits, and more. Be sure to check regularly leading up to the event for all the most up to date information.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Baltimore next month! In the meantime, what is your best pitch advice? Share in the comments below – I would love to hear from you.


Pamela Prince-Eason
President & CEO


Pamela Prince-Eason
WBENC President & CEO