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Our mission is to fuel the success of women-owned businesses. That means providing targeted and innovative educational programming aimed at helping women entrepreneurs develop as leaders and arming them with the tools and resources they need to grow their businesses.

We accept speaker/instructor proposals on a rolling basis. If you have the experience and subject matter expertise to help women entrepreneurs or the supplier diversity community, we encourage you to apply.

Speaking at WBENC Events and Programs

WBENC hosts multiple events, educational series and webinars throughout the year, bringing together corporate and government representatives, women-business owners, and business leaders from across the United States for education, networking, and development opportunities.

When developing curriculum, we strive to provide balanced programming that meets the variety of skill levels, interest levels, and perspectives of WBENC constituents, presented by quality speakers/instructors of the highest caliber who represent the diverse backgrounds and experience.

Concerning honoraria, as WBENC utilizes educational conference sessions as a platform for innovation, ideas, and expertise we look for contributors who are willing to share their expertise without expectation of payment in the spirit of networking and recognition of invaluable contribution.

How to Become a Speaker or Instructor

WBENC accepts speaker/instructor proposals on a rolling basis throughout the year. Before submitting your proposal, you must submit a proof of performance and agree to the mutual commitment outlined below.

Proof of Performance

  • Accepted forms of proof of performance are: Video Recordings of the proposed speaker presenting a session to an audience and/or a summary of evaluations from a program the speaker/instructor previously presented.
  • Unaccepted forms of proof include: Letters of recommendation, phone numbers, marketing brochures, audio recordings, interviews, books or articles. These DO NOT qualify as proof of performance.

Speaker/Instructor Commitment

  • Content is original and/or the presenter is responsible for all trademark, copyright, and patent liabilities.
  • Be available to present anytime during the timeframe of the event up until the time at which a schedule has been finalized in writing to the speakers/instructors.
  • Attend all planning calls as needed.
  • Work directly with staff and event organizers before the conference and must adhere to deadlines.
  • Changes in content, format, audio/visual needs, room set-up, identity or number of presenters without prior approval of conference organizers is not permitted without the direct approval of the designated WBENC staff liaison.
  • Presenters are responsible for all presentation materials and must submit them prior to the appointed deadline. All presentation materials, including PowerPoint presentations, videos, or any additional collateral must be high-quality.
  • By submitting proposal all speakers/instructors grant permission to audio/video record the session for the purpose of selling or otherwise using the recording later; and agree that WBENC shall be the exclusive owner of such recording.
  • Recognize that an event presentation is an opportunity to share information and is not a showcase for promotion of business, practice, service or product.
  • Respect WBENC as a trusted partner and refrain from sharing any negative comments about the organization or the event.
  • Be available for press interviews as requested and/or arranged by WBENC. (Please try to accommodate press for interviews and quotes. Please remember that members of the press may be attending your session.)

* Please note that WBENC does not offer honoraria or reimburse expenses for food, lodging, or travel. All expenses incurred are the responsibility of the speaker

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All proposals are reviewed by WBENC. Final selections will be made by the program/session organizers from those proposals accepted. For presentations with more than one speaker/instructor, the main contact is responsible for coordinating and communicating to fellow speakers/instructors.

Notification on the status of submission will be e-mailed directly to the speaker/instructor. If you are submitting a proposal on behalf of someone else, please check with him or her regarding receipt of the decision.

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