Celebrating Juneteenth holds immense significance as it represents a pivotal moment in American history and a powerful reminder of the ongoing struggle for freedom, equality, and justice within our social and economic infrastructure. By acknowledging and honoring this historic event, we not only pay tribute to the resilience and strength of those who endured the horrors of slavery but also reaffirm our commitment to creating a more equitable society.

Throughout the year, WBENC aims to create an all-inclusive environment through our Women of Color Program, an outreach and development program designed to build, strengthen, and uplift a dynamic ecosystem for women of color entrepreneurs. To shed light on this particular moment in history, the Women of Color program invited all to join for the Women of Color Lunch & Learn: Celebrating Juneteenth – African American Independence Day, which honored this historic day and delved into its significance. With special guests, Dr. Shennette Garrett-Scott, National Director of the Association of Black Women Historians, Dr. Rebecca Dupas, two-time Poet of Year award-winner, and Dr. April Day, President of Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance, the session’s wealth of knowledge and open discussion of the topics at hand created an impactful, vulnerable, and all-inclusive environment.

WBENC encourages everyone in the WBENC network to watch the WOC Juneteenth session recording and join us in learning and celebrating the history, and future, of this powerful day. 

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Celebrating Juneteenth holds significant importance for WBENC as it provides a valuable opportunity to honor the resilience, contributions, and achievements of African American women entrepreneurs. During the Women of Color session, WBEs and other members of the network shared how they are honoring the holiday by participating in various events — some will attend local parades and open mics to commemorate Juneteenth and others will visit museums and attend workshops to take advantage of the education black institutions have to offer. WBENC Women of Color recognizes Juneteenth as a reminder of the immense strength and perseverance of African American women who overcame various challenges and played a vital role in shaping the economic landscape.

WBEs share how to continue celebrating and acknowledging this holiday throughout the year

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Experience the rich, diverse, and influential journey of African-American history.

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Watch now: Saria Hawkins is a small business owner hoping to celebrate Juneteenth in a different way.

WBENC-Certified WBE Tamekia Flowers-Ball shares how she honors the day through her company, Epiphany Blue.

Tamekia Flowers-Ball | CEO of Epiphany Blue

“To motivate and inspire people to be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled in every aspect of life.” This personal mission statement drives Tamekia Flowers-Ball and propels her to live out her passions of event planning, personal development, and teaching yoga. Since graduating from Syracuse University, Mrs. Flowers-Ball has amassed over 20 years of experience in event planning, marketing, and personal and professional development.

Q: As a business owner, how are you celebrating and recognizing Juneteenth within your company and community?

Juneteenth is recognized as an official company holiday at Epiphany Blue. I plan on recognizing Juneteenth by participating as a speaker on the “Ain’t I A Woman” panel presented by Top Ladies of Distinction Inc. I am very excited about this opportunity.

Q: How has your understanding and appreciation of Juneteenth changed over time, and how do you hope to continue to learn and grow in your knowledge and awareness of this holiday?

Throughout my childhood, my parents always made a significant effort to educate me on black history. At a young age, I was reading autobiographies about Malcolm X and Assata Shakur. I was always aware of Juneteenth and its importance on our people and our country. As a mother, I am instilling this level of education into my seven-year-old (ask him why Lincoln “freed the slaves.”) At a time when educators and government officials are trying to white-wash and eliminate our history; it is more important than ever that we instill this knowledge and history in all children, but especially black children.

Q: What steps have you taken to make your business more inclusive and supportive of Black employees and customers, and how can you use Juneteenth as an opportunity to further those efforts?

As over 80% of my employees are black, Epiphany Blue has been very inclusive and supportive of our black employees. For Epiphany Blue, every day is an opportunity to continue these efforts.

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