How a company views and implements Diversity and Inclusion is not only a hallmark of good business — it’s also one of the biggest indicators of that organization’s ability to grow, diversify and create impact in the market.

But if you ask our special guest on this week’s episode of Women Who Own It, she’d tell you that when it comes to creating a Diversity and Inclusion plan that’s an intrinsic, authentic, and powerful part of your company culture, you’ll need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Read an excerpt from the latest episode of the podcast featuring Dee Marshall, a renowned international speaker, certified coach, leadership trainer, diversity consultant, published author, and the CEO at Diverse & Engaged LLC. This WBENC-Certified company is dedicated to providing strategy, programs and initiatives to engage, support and develop diverse populations not limited to multicultural women, African-Americans, and millennials.

Tune in now to listen to this insightful interview that dives into Dee’s journey from from a Wall Street career to becoming an entrepreneurial powerhouse who has been named one of the Top 50 People of Color Influencers by ROI, Top 25 Influential Black Women in Business by Network Journal, Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs by LWE, and many more.

Check out the episode to discover key insights, strategies and tools you can use to build and support a diverse workforce to create greater impact, accelerate business growth and unleash your company’s potential.

“If you are a business owner and still want to have a business and be relevant into the future, how is it that you stay relevant if you do not have cognitive diversity on your team? Cognitive diversity — diversity of thought — comes by a diversity of people. How will you stay relevant if you don’t know how to speak the language of your customers and consumers?”

– Dee Marshall

Watch or listen to the podcast now to hear:

  • The vision behind Diverse & Engaged and how the company is transforming the way businesses do Diversity and Inclusion
  • The top 3 ways Diverse & Engaged supports its clients — and the most common challenges leaders are facing in their corporate culture
  • Where most hiring policies fall short — plus, a simple tool to use to find the best people for your business
  • The fatal flaw most organizations have that keeps them from creating effective and authentic Diversity and Inclusion strategies (most CEOs face this issue without ever realizing it)
  • How Dee has utilized WBENC Certification to grow her business on an international scale and attract top clients, including Fortune 10 companies
  • The most important thing business owners need to know about Diversity and Inclusion in today’s marketplace
Listen to the full episode:
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