Leveraging Your Certification

Congratulations! You are part of a network of women business owners and those dedicated to your success. WBENC Certification can be an amazing tool to help open doors and uncover business opportunities. But the most successful WBEs will tell you – getting certified is just the first step.

To fully unlock the extensive benefits of the WBENC network, we highly encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity and resources available within our network.

Checklist for Certified WBEs

Whether you are newly certified or just looking for more ways to get involved, follow this checklist of valuable involvement areas to fully leverage your WBENC Certification.

  • WBENC DATABASE ACCESS: Get acquainted with WBENCLink2.0 – this is where you will download your certificate, update your profile for corporate and government representatives to find you, and access the corporate and WBE database. Attend a WBENCLink2.0 training session designed for new WBEs — click on “See Your Upcoming Schedule.”
  • USE THE WBENC SEAL AND WOMEN OWNED LOGO: Market your certification using the WBE Seal and/or Women Owned Logo. Both are available for download in multiple file types and formats in WBENCLink2.0. Be sure to also download and follow the brand guidelines. Questions about the WBENC brand and logos? Email us at brand@wbenc.org.
  • IDENTIFY YOUR BUSINESS TARGETS: Build your list of target customers from WBENC Corporate & Government Members. Find contact information for supplier diversity reps from each member in WBENCLink2.0. Register in the supplier portals for corporations with which you would like to do business.
  • RPO INVOLVEMENT: Get engaged with your Regional Partner Organization. Subscribe to their opportunity email blasts, attend regional events, and get to know other WBEs and Corporate Members in your region.
  • PARTICIPATE IN PROGRAMS AND EVENTS: Explore upcoming WBENC programs and events – from executive education to national pitch competitions, WBENC is here to help fuel business opportunities and facilitate growth.
  • KEEP UP WITH WBENC NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS: As a certified WBE, you are automatically subscribed to WBENC email blasts about opportunities with the email address you used to register in WBENCLink2.0. Make sure others on your team are in the know – subscribe here.
  • PROMOTE YOUR CONSUMER PRODUCT: If you have a consumer product, get listed on the Women Owned directory and explore other opportunities at womenownedlogo.com
  • KEEP YOUR CERTIFICATION ACTIVE: Don’t forget about recertification! Set a calendar reminder to apply for recertification 90 days before your expiration date. See more details below.
Logo Use

Show off your status as a WBENC-Certified WBE by using the WBE Seal and/or Women Owned Logo on your marketing materials and packaging. These logos are available ONLY to WBENC-Certified WBEs.

  • Find all logos and brand guidelines available for download in WBENCLink2.0.
  • Be sure to follow all brand guidelines. If you have questions about logo use not covered in the guidelines, contact us at brand@wbenc.org.
  • Add logos to your marketing materials, including websites, landing pages, capabilities statements, case studies, proposal templates, business cards, brochures, signage, presentations, social media, etc.
  • Add the Women Owned Logo to consumer-facing product packaging or shipping materials.

Please note: for WOSB certification, the SBA does not have an approved logo for use, but they encourage businesses to include language in your marketing materials indicating that you are a WOSB-certified business.

Access the WBENCLink2.0 database to find contacts, download logos, and more.
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Take advantage of regional events and opportunities through your Regional Partner Organization.
Find Your RPO

WBENC Certification lasts one year, but we recommend WBEs begin the recertification process at least 90 days prior to your expiration date.

How it Works:

  • The owner will receive an auto e-mail from wbenclink@wbenclink.org that contains the instructions for recertification 120 days prior to the certificate expiration date. (To ensure you receive auto emails, please add wbenclink@wbenclink.org to your company’s safe sender list.)
  • Log in to WBENCLink2.0 with your company’s username and password.
  • Select Renew/Apply for Certification on your dashboard under Key Actions.
  • Answer the pre-qualifying questions in order to determine if the minimum requirements for certification are met.
  • Complete the application processing page. You may complete the processing section in any order; however, ALL must be completed before you are able to sign and submit the application. As each section is completed, a green check mark will be visible and the status will be updated from Incomplete to Complete.
  • Before the application can be submitted, the system will ask if the nonrefundable processing fee will be paid using a credit card or check. Upon answering the questions, you will be allowed to submit the application.
    • NOTE: If your company elects to mail in a check, processing will not begin until the payment has been received by your assigned Regional Partner Organization.
  • DO NOT SIGN/SUBMIT the application until it has been reviewed for accuracy by the female owner. Once the application is submitted, edits to data will not be permitted.
  • Questions about your recertification or online profile information should be directed to your Regional Partner Organization.
  • To prevent loss of data entered, please click Save Draft if you need to exit the system. The status bar at the top of the page will indicate what percentage of the application has been completed.
  • Recertification takes up to 90 days to process from the date the file is deemed complete; therefore, it is recommended that WBEs begin the process at least 90 days prior to their expiration date. Failure to recertify in a timely manner could result in your status becoming expired and loss of business opportunities.
  • Keeping WBENC Certification current is the responsibility of the Company Owner. While WBENC will attempt to notify Women’s Business Enterprises (WBEs) via auto email notification, we cannot guarantee receipt of the email.  Therefore, we recommend that you mark your personal calendar to begin the recertification process no less than ninety (90) days prior to your expiration date.
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