In 2024, WBENC continues its inspiring tradition by celebrating the WBE Stars for their remarkable achievements, contributing invaluable leadership, innovation, and influence on the dynamic business landscape. Each handpicked by one of the 14 Regional Partner Organizations (RPOs), these women serve as a wellspring of inspiration for others within their communities. The recognition they receive through the WBE Star Award is a powerful testament to the profound impact they’ve made in their respective business environments.

The 2024 WBE Stars received their accolades at the vibrant WBENC National Conference, a grand event held from March 19-22, 2024, in Denver, Colorado. This conference was a hub of innovation and networking, drawing nearly 5,000 entrepreneurs and business leaders who celebrated the accomplishments of these extraordinary women.

But the celebration doesn’t end there. Throughout 2024, WBENC will continue to spotlight these trailblazing women in various dynamic formats, including an engaging article series and captivating feature articles in WE USA Magazine this summer. Prepare to be inspired!

Meet Brenda Boral, Co-Founder of Boral Agency, with the Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance (WBEA) Regional Partner Organization. She is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience leading her full-service digital marketing agency and a team of problem-solvers enriched by diversity and fueled by the challenge of driving brands to their full potential. Brenda has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s vision, marketing campaigns, and business development efforts. Her contributions include speaking engagements, training sessions, and active involvement in industry boards and committees, showcasing her dedication to excellence and community engagement, especially with WBE’s Edge program in her region.

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Brenda’s passion for marketing was ignited during her time at the Private University of Santa Cruz, Bolivia (UPSA), where she earned a scholarship and began working in the Marketing Department. During her time at UPSA she had the opportunity to launch the Global MBA program in Bolivia partnering up with Thunderbird School of Global Management and The Technologic of Monterrey. Before coming to Houston, she was recognized as the top producer for the Global MBA in Bolivia by Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Now based in Houston, Brenda continues to make waves in the marketing industry through her leadership at Boral Agency. As a proud member of the Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance (WBEA) Regional Partner Organization, Brenda is dedicated to empowering women in business and driving innovation in the digital marketing landscape.

The 2024 theme is AMPLIFY. What does AMPLIFY mean to you?

“AMPLIFY means to share my gifts, voice, skills, expertise and connections to foster growth, create community, collaboration and empowerment of other women owned business.”

Wisdom from WBE Star, Brenda Boral
When and how was your business started?

Boral Agency was created in June 2011.

What is one way you recommend people to “AMPLIFY” the impact of the WBENC network in the next 2 years?

By becoming an advocate for minorities, especially Women Owned. Partnering with us, providing opportunities to do business, empowering our voice, and fostering inclusivity. Additionally, by creating platforms that AMPLIFY diverse perspectives, support local initiatives, and bridge gaps by ensuring equitable access to resources/capital and opportunities for all. It’s not just about acknowledging our presence as a minority but actively removing barriers and amplifying our visibility.

How are you planning to AMPLIFY the mission of the WBENC network during your time as a WBE Star?

I believe that communication, collaboration, education, and action are key factors to AMPLIFY WBENC mission’s message.

Advocacy and Awareness: I’ll utilize my company social platforms, my business network, clients, and organizations I am part of to AMPLIFY WBENC’s message through different outreach campaigns.

Education and Empowerment: Educating others about the mission’s significance and providing tools or resources can empower more people to join WBENC as an advocate, member, mentor, corporate sponsor, or volunteer. I believe that sharing knowledge and offering guidance can inspire action, participation, and growth.

Action and Implementation: Taking tangible steps, whether through initiatives, volunteering, projects, or campaigns, that I can be part of is crucial to AMPLIFY the mission of WBENC.

Provide an example of how innovation helped you overcome a challenge, pivot, or adapt your business.

I truly believe that things happen for you, not to you. A challenging situation for us was when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. Our office flooded, and we couldn’t access our building for 8 weeks. Half of our clients either ceased operations or were deeply affected by the flood, resulting in business closures. During that time, we realized that we lacked procedures for a natural disaster event and were unprepared to work remotely. We still relied on physical files required for our client designs and strategies.

After the most critical period had passed and we returned to normalcy, we decided to implement a ‘work remotely’ policy. We aimed to have all our branding and website questionnaires online and digitized all our client files. Harvey was preparing us for COVID! When the pandemic struck, we were well-prepared with our remote work policy, resilience measures, and having everything stored in the cloud.

What areas of innovation do you foresee for women entrepreneurs over the next few years?

I believe that women entrepreneurs will continue embracing AI and digital transformation by channeling their creativity, expertise, and innovation to make substantial contributions, create disruptive solutions, and drive positive change in various industries.

What have you learned about yourself as a leader from mentoring or coaching others?

Mentoring has not only allowed me to share everything I learned with others but has also served as a mirror, reflecting back insights into my own leadership qualities and areas where I can further develop and grow, also mentoring and coaching others keep me accountable. I feel that through mentoring others, I’ve gained more than I’ve given. I’ve enjoyed the exchange of ideas, problem-solving, the learning, and the growth I’ve witnessed in both myself and others.

What do you view as benefits of being part of the WBENC network?

I had the honor to learn from amazing women that have been in the same situations as me, creating opportunities for collaboration, share ideas, and making new friends. Networking in their amazing events has allowed me to participate in keynotes. Also, I serve other women by teaching about Digital Marketing and be a speaker has benefitted my business with exposure.

How has engaging in the WBENC Network as a Certified WBE helped your company?

Networking and connecting with corporate members have provided me the opportunity to work with companies like Kroger and Chevron.

What suggestions would you like to share with a newly certified WBE who is looking to get involved in the WBENC community?

Be involved, participate, volunteer, attend the events, enroll in the programs. You are going to growth and be part of an amazing community.

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