Investing in the visions of the next generation is the cornerstone of the WBENC Collegiate Accelerator, formally the Student Entrepreneur Program. Our premier startup program is an all-immersive, hands-on experience that allows us to entrust the future of women’s leadership to the next generation by supplying the tools they need to succeed. Join us in highlighting WBENC Collegiate Accelerator alumnae Jamie’s FarmSocket Lock-It, and Nuekie to celebrate where these WBENC-Certified female founders are now!



Collegiate Accelerator Alum, 2019 

Jamie’s Farm is an award-winning granola company dedicated to curating the highest quality ingredients from local producers in New York. They craft creative flavors such as Vanilla Bean with Sour Cherries, and Rosemary with Currants, all baked with grass-fed ghee and other organic ingredients. Their products are currently sold online, and retailers such as FreshDirect, MOMs Organic Markets, and select locations of Whole Foods and Wegmans. 

How did WBENC’s Collegiate Accelerator help develop and strengthen your business?  

The WBENC Collegiate Accelerator provided such a great learning opportunity and supportive network for me. I had dedicated mentors who really took the time out of their day to help me find resources for ingredients and packaging suppliers, introduce me to other entrepreneurs, and encourage me to think of alternative ways to pursue business opportunities. 

Describe your proudest moment as a business owner from the past couple of years.

My proudest moment was when I finally surrounded myself with the people who aligned with my values— people I’m grateful to work with each day. Right out of college, I had a rocky journey scaling my business and finding the right partners to help me grow. After switching manufacturers three times, scaling back from certain retailers/distributors, and going through a complete rebrand, I finally got to a place where I’m surrounded by the right people who are committed to supporting me in my business journey and allow me to think bigger picture. 

What advice do you have for the 2022 WBENC Collegiate Accelerator cohort? 

Ask a lot of questions and take the time to really connect with your peers and mentors. It’s such a wonderful, supportive community to be a part of, and you’ll really get out of it what you put into it. I’ve kept in close contact with my mentor and my peers since 2019!

Keep up with Jamie’s Farm on social media at @jamiesfarmnewyork (Instagram and Facebook). 




Collegiate Accelerator Alum, 2021 

Socket Lock-It is a cell phone accessory brand, offering a one-of-a-kind design that eliminates the dilemma of having to choose between using your standard phone wallet or phone grip. Our company is 100% women-owned, WBENC Certified, and USA Made. Because Socket Lock-It is run by a daughter and mother duo, we have instilled our own love and family values into the company. Created by the everyday person, for the everyday person. 

How did WBENC’s Collegiate Accelerator help develop and strengthen your business? 

As a product-based CPG company, the WBENC Collegiate Accelerator helped me with understanding how Supplier Diversity programs are run with Corporate Members, and what they are looking for from potential suppliers. During the program, I met several mentors that educated me in areas like Capability Statements, NAICS Codes, Supplier Diversity Opportunities, and more. 

At the end of the program, I participated and won $5,000 in the WBENC Collegiate Accelerator Business Innovation Grant. While the money was a great way to help me excel my business forward, the real value was the validation it gave Corporate Retailers, knowing that I was a WBENC Pitch Winner. 

How has your business grown since your participation in this program?    

When I participated in the WBENC Collegiate Accelerator, I had just launched into Walmart stores. Today we have added 1,000 more stores with Walmart, equaling a total of 2,800+ locations. We are continuing to innovate and expand our product line as we grow with our current and new 2022 retail partners.   

What advice do you have for the 2022 WBENC Collegiate Accelerator cohort?   

If you are participating in the WBENC Collegiate Accelerator, you have already proven that you are an extraordinary founder! So, be extraordinary at asking questions and utilizing every resource. You will thank yourself later when you come out of the program with a wealth of knowledge that you didn’t even realize you were missing out on. 

Keep up with Socket Lock-It on social media at @socketlockit (Instagram & Facebook). 




Collegiate Accelerator Alum, 2016 

NUEKIE (PRONOUNCED “NU-WHE-KEY”) is the brainchild and middle name of our founder and Chief Chemist, Eunice N. Cofie. It means “first daughter in the family and hardworking one,” and Eunice chose this name for the brand because of how hard our products work to promote healthy, youthful-looking skin. Crafted specifically for people of color, our innovative brand of health and beauty products are scientifically formulated with a unique combination of traditional African medicine and cutting-edge science. 

How did WBENC’s Collegiate Accelerator help develop and strengthen your business? 

The program gave me the opportunity to meet African American women who have million- and billion-dollar businesses. It was encouraging to see women who look like me excelling in business. Each of the women was open to answering any questions that we had. 

How has your business grown since your participation in this program?    

My business has grown through the addition of an education arm that focuses on training estheticians on how to cater to clientele who have skin of color. Our education arm consists of our online education platform, Nuekie Skin of Color Academy, and our event, Nuekie Skin of Color Conference. We are meeting a need that will transform the Esthetics industry. 

What advice do you have for the 2022 WBENC Collegiate Accelerator cohort?  

I would encourage each member of the cohort to develop confidence within themselves by doing the thing they fear the most. 

Keep up with Nuekie on social media at @nuekie on Instagram and Twitter, and @nuekiederm on Facebook 



The WBENC Collegiate Accelerator, previously the WBENC Student Entrepreneur Program, is a premier startup program that fosters growth for the next generation of female founders and women-owned businesses. 

Aspiring collegiate female entrepreneurs (or recent graduates) accepted into the WBENC Collegiate Accelerator will learn to grow and scale their businesses through tailored entrepreneurship curriculum, focused on the fundamentals of growth, marketing, business strategy, leadership, and the essentials for an effective pitch.  

They receive mentoring from some of the most successful women-owned businesses and America’s largest Fortune 500 companies, while also participating in a showcase of their product or service to WBENC Corporate Members. Seed capital grants will be awarded to the most disruptive and innovative businesses.

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