As parents, we want the very best for our children – to grow up happy, healthy and with the building blocks they need to be successful in life. But making sure your child has “the best” often requires great sacrifice. And as business owners, it’s much the same story when it comes to building a successful company.

Read an excerpt from the latest episode of the podcast featuring Dr. Pamela Ellis, founder and CEO of WBENC-Certified Compass Education, a company dedicated to helping parents get their children into the school of their dreams with-out emptying their pocketbooks.

During this episode, we’ll be exploring Pamela’s journey to entrepreneurship and get an in-side look at how she’s making a difference in the lives of young adults and their parents. The advice Pamela shares in this interview isn’t just a game-changer for parents. It also offers eye-opening insight for business owners on how to funnel their passion into a successful business that has the potential to impact the world for the better.

“As entrepreneurs, don’t be afraid to try something new in your business. Whatever it is, do it anyway. Even if you have the fear that it won’t work out.”

– Pamela Ellis

Watch or listen to the podcast now to hear:

  • How Pamela transformed her passion and experience for education into a thriving, meaningful business – and the most important lessons she’s learned along the way
  • The 2 most important things parents should look for in potential colleges for their kids
  • 3 practices she uses to help students get through times of overwhelm and burn out (psst – you can use these strategies for better stress management in business, too)
  • The biggest obstacle Pamela faced in the early days of her business – and the #1 thing she did to overcome it
  • The single best marketing strategy she used to get the word out about Compass Education (if you’re looking to expand your client/customer base, listen up!)
  • One mistake most business owners make when building business relationships – and a surprisingly simple fix
  • The biggest way that being a part of the WBENC network has drastically impacted the growth of Compass Education (if you haven’t gotten certified yet, this is your sign)
  • And much more
Watch the full episode:

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