Documentation Required for WBENC Recertification Application

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The following is a list of documentation required to process for recertification application. We recommend compiling all documents in advance before starting your online application.

General Information – Requirements are the same for all business structures.

  • Permanent Legal Resident Alien Card (green card) of female owner(s) who are not U.S. citizens (if expired since last certification)
  • Financial statements for the business {mandatory}
    • Profit and loss statement that aligns with the most recent tax return submitted.
    • Balance sheet that aligns with the most recent tax return submitted.
  • Most recent year’s Federal Income Tax return, as filed with the IRS
    • Includes current federal income tax returns for the business with all schedules and statements attached
    • If your company submitted a request for an extension to file with the IRS with your last WBE certification/recertification, submit the final tax return filed for that year and the most recent tax return/request for extension
    • Note: if applying for recertification prior to April 15th of (or prior to your firm’s filing date for) the current calendar year, the most recent year’s tax return may not yet be available. Please verify with your RPO if the prior year’s tax return is on file. If it is not, submit that return.
    • If your company has applied for an extension to file for the most recent tax year, submit extension paperwork
    • Submitting state returns will delay the processing of your file
  • W-2s and/or 1099 forms from every officer, director or owner receiving compensation from the company for the most recent year

If there have been any changes to the ownership, management, capabilities, or business structure of your company since you were last certified/recertified, submit relevant documentation (e.g. new or canceled stock certificates, updated stock transfer ledger, updated business description/history, documentation of citizenship/gender of any new owners, etc.)

  • Resumes for any new owners or officers
    • Biographies are not acceptable substitutes
    • Resumes should cover related professional experience
  • Any amendments to the corporate bylaws, LLC operating agreement, or partnership agreement
  • Any new professional and/or business license(s)
  • Copy of current real estate lease agreement (if renewed since last certificate was issued)
  • Submit copies of the following documents that are currently active:
    • Any agreement(s) that impact or influence the management and/or operations of the applicant company. Ex. Consulting, licensing, long term service agreements, etc.
  • Any new agreements pertaining to capital equipment purchases/leases, debt instruments, loans, or the addition of capital to the business since last recertification

For Corporations – Only corporations must submit the following documentation.

  • Most recent board of directors meeting minutes
  • Most recent shareholders’ meeting minutes
  • NOTE: If you are the sole owner of a corporation, please submit a written statement that as sole owner of the corporation, you have elected to not hold formal shareholder or board of director meetings if you do not hold such meetings

Additional Documentation Required for WOSB Certification

All businesses seeking WOSB Certification must submit:

  • Printout of the first page of System Award Management (SAM) Registration showing an “Active” status.
  • Partnerships, Corporations, and LLCs must submit one of the following:
    • First page of IRS Form 941 (Quarterly Tax Return) for preceding 12 months OR
    • W-3 (Transmittal of Wage & Tax Statements) for past year; OR
    • List of all employees, if Forms 941 or W3 are not available for the past year

Partnerships, Corporations, and LLCs must submit one of the following:

  • IRS Form 941 (Quarterly Tax Return) for preceding 12 months OR
  • W-3 (Transmittal of Wage & Tax Statements) for past year OR
  • List of all employees if Forms 941 or W3 are not available for the past year


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