Each year, fourteen exemplary women business leaders step into the spotlight to receive the nation’s premier award for excellence among women’s business enterprises (WBEs) bestowed by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

WBE Stars are selected by the WBENC 14 Regional Partner Organizations (RPOs) that administer the WBENC world-class certification of WBEs in each of their territories.

WBENC’s WBE Stars illustrate this country’s vital ability to build successful businesses. The women’s strategic vision, business acumen and sheer talent combine to meet their corporate clients’ complex needs and propel our economy forward. These businesswomen inspire their employees, peers and clients with their tireless dedication to excellence in every facet of their lives.


About the 2024 WBE Star Award

WBENC is proud to introduce you to the 2024 WBE Stars! The WBE Star Award is the nation’s top recognition for excellence among women-owned businesses, honoring 14 women from across the country within each of our 14 Regional Partner Organizations who are leaders in their local business communities and respective fields, and an inspiration to women business owners across the country.

The WBE Stars are especially recognized for their remarkable achievements, contributing invaluable leadership and influence to the dynamic business landscape. Beyond their professional accomplishments, these women serve as a wellspring of inspiration for others within their communities. The recognition they receive through the WBE Star Award is a powerful testament to the profound impact they’ve made in their respective business environments.



Meet the Stars
What does it mean to be a WBE Star?

The WBE Stars illustrate this country’s vital ability to build successful businesses. The women’s strategic vision, business acumen and sheer talent combine to meet their corporate clients’ complex needs and propel our economy forward.

In addition to the recognition that comes with receiving an award of this caliber, WBE Stars receive the added benefit of regional and national visibility for their company. Photos and company names are published on the WBENC website along with various social media posts leading up to the recognition event.

Stars are provided with numerous other benefits such as participation in a professional photoshoot and invitations to participate in featured programming and activities at WBENC professional development events and programs.



Past Recipients



Learn more about the Stars

  • Vicki Gray, New Chapter Home Improvement, LLC | CWE – Center for Women & Enterprise
  • Cathy Koch, K-Tec Systems | GLWBC – Great Lakes Women’s Business Council
  • Tammy Cohen, InfoMart, Inc | GWBC – Greater Women’s Business Council
  • Chanel Christoff Davis, Davis & Davis Professional Services Firm LLC | WBCS – Women’s Business Council Southwest
  • Meg Cook, Painters USA Inc | WBDC – Midwest – Women’s Business Development Center – Midwest
  • Arneisha Sadler, Emeniss Limited Liability Company | WBEA – Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance
  • Marian Nelson, Abator Information Services Inc | WBEC East – Women’s Business Enterprise Center East
  • Ellen Engel, Elevate USA, Inc. | WBEC Florida – Women’s’ Business Enterprise Council Florida
  • Liz Whitehead, 12PointFive, LLC | WBEC Greater DMV – Women’s Business Enterprise Council Greater DMV
  • Dee C. Marshall, Diverse & Engaged | WBEC Metro NY – Women’s Business Enterprise Council Metro New York
  • Angela Horne, mediascript, llc | WBEC ORV – Women’s Business Enterprise Council Ohio River Valley
  • Deborah “Deb” Ward, Televergence Solutions Inc. | WBEC South – Women’s Business Enterprise Council South
  • Colleen Bonniol | MODE Studios, Inc. | WBEC Pacific – Women’s Business Enterprise Council-Pacific
  • Caron Ng, NUSET Inc. | WBEC West – Women’s Business Enterprise Council-West



  • Emily Erskine, American Residuals and Talent
  • April Diez, The Diez Group, LLC
  • Tammy Cohen, InfoMart, Inc.
  • Rosa Santana, Forma Automotive, LLC, Human Capital International, LLC
  • Marx Patricia, New World Van Lines Inc
  • Deborah Trevino, Treco Services, Inc.
  • Iris Vincent, Prime Air Corp
  • Gabrielle Christman, Hunter International, Inc.
  • Rajashree Varma, XITIJ Corporation
  • Annette Springer, Springer Equipment Company, Inc., Southfork, Lift Truck, Inc.
  • Kari Donovan, Precis Commissioning, Inc.
  • Rashmi Chaturvedi, Kaygen, Inc
  • Staci Redmon, Strategy and Management Services, Inc.
  • Ranjini Poddar, Artech Information Systems, LLC



  • Jean Bjork, Bjork Construction Co. Inc.
  • Barbara Bosha, Bosha Design+Communications
  • Nathalie Doobin, Harvard Services Group, Inc.
  • Kay Hamilton, The Hamilton Group
  • Stephanie Hickman, Trice Construction Company
  • Sushumna Roy Jalajam, Softpath System LLC
  • Beatriz Manetta, Argent Associates, Inc.
  • Lilian Radke, Unic Pro Inc.
  • Sharon Reynolds, DevMar Products, LLC
  • Janell Ross, Bob Ross Auto Group
  • Hetal Parikh, Rangam Consultants Inc.
  • Biddie Webb, Limb Design
  • Christie Wong Barrett, Mac Arthur Corporation
  • Janeen Zook, Trattativa Meeting & Event Solutions International




  • Sharon Olzerowicz, Hired by Matrix
  • Livia Whisenhunt, PS Energy Group Inc
  • Terry Lehmann, True Green Enterprises, Inc.
  • Laurie Halloran, Halloran Consulting Group
  • Caren Schweitzer, Creative Resources Agency
  • Ronda Jackson, Décor Interior Design, Inc.
  • Jayshree Moorthy, Frontier Technologies, Inc.
  • Lynn Perenic, Argent Tape and Label
  • Claudia Mirza, Akorbi
  • Pamela Kan, Bishop-Wisecarver
  • Jill Frey, Cummins Facility Services
  • V. Janet Brewster, Brewster Procurement Group, Inc.
  • Regina Mellinger, Primary Services
  • Lois Gamerman Soft Stuff Distributors, Inc.




  • Camille Austin, Elite Roofing Services, Inc.
  • Michelle Bell, 1st Choice, LLC
  • Doreen Blades, US Eco Products Corporation
  • Linda Boasmond, Cedar Concepts Corporation
  • Rose Ann Dare, Hydro Dyne Inc
  • Debbie Drury, Market Doctors Direct
  • Joan LaGrasse, Imagen, LLC
  • Jennifer Maier, Women’s Distribution Services
  • Margaret Marcucci, Coranet Corp
  • Carrie Martinez, CM Productions, Inc.
  • Susan Monroe, Hybrid Collective
  • Carol Philp, CPI Creative
  • Serafina Schorer, RIM Custom Racks
  • Kelly Sparks, VMG/studio520




  • Imelda Alejandrino, AP42, Inc.
  • Alison Chung, ALC TeamWerks, Inc.
  • Julie Garcia, Ph.D., Action Service Corporation
  • Angela Garcia-Dunn, AIM Over-The-Road, LLC.
  • Janie Goldber, OmniSource Marketing Group, Inc.
  • Vivian Isaak, Magnum Group, Inc.
  • Kelly Kolar, Kolar Design Inc.
  • Teresa Lawrence, Delta Personnel, Inc.
  • Lily Otieno, Infinity Business Solutions
  • Rachel Sanchez, Prestige Maintenance USA, Ltd
  • Hallie Satz, HighRoad Press, LLC
  • Jacqueline Smith, New Kent Coatings, Inc.
  • Elizabeth Tucker, KNF&T Staffing Resources Inc.
  • Kittie Watson, Ph.D., Innolect Inc.




  • Judith Anderson, Identity Systems, Inc.
  • Nancy Balkcom, MySupplies
  • Lisa Michele Chretien, EventMover, Inc.
  • Jacqueline Cleary, Atlas Data Systems, LLC
  • Peggy Del Fabbro, M. Davis & Sons, Inc.
  • Lili Hall, KNOCK, Inc.
  • Jane Henry, Xcution, Inc.
  • Jennifer Jeansonne, Eagle Consulting, LLC
  • Barbara Levine, Exam Coordinators Network
  • Royalyn Reid, Consumer & Market Insights, LLC
  • Kim Sherrie Sawyer, The Locator Services Group Ltd.
  • Elizabeth Schmidt, Atlat Tool, Inc.
  • Karen Sutter, Sutter Design, Inc.
  • Barbara I. Wichmann, ARTEMIA Communications, Inc.




  • Diana Clemente, Big Apple Car, Inc.
  • Cristina Didone, CD Language Solutions, Inc.
  • Jamie Fletcher, Mach 1 Global Services, Inc.
  • Theresa Ghafari, G-Tech Services, Inc.
  • Bev Gray, Exhibit Edge Inc.
  • Arlene Inch, Transpak, Inc
  • Keeli Jernigan, Trans-Expedite, Inc.
  • Joyce Landry, Landry & Kling, Inc.
  • Judith Maloy, Polaris Direct
  • Heather Sanderson, Overture Premiums & Promotions, LLC
  • Mary Singer, CRG Sustainable Solutions & Commercial Realty Group
  • Cindy Towers, Jurisolutions, Inc.
  • Geraldine Walker, Walker Transfer, Inc.
  • Traci Williams, Cresent Construction Services, LLC




  • Julie Sue Auslander, cSubs
  • Mary Moslander, LiveHealthier, Inc.
  • Carmen Castillo, SD International Corp.
  • Mary Parker, ALL(n)1 Security
  • Cathi Coan, Techway Services, Inc.
  • Kathryn Petty, White Lion Tea
  • Mary Fox Donnelly, Encompass Elements
  • Cassandra Sanford, KellyMitchell
  • Hannah Kain, Alom Technologies
  • Juli Sinnett, SwervePoint
  • Lianne Lami, Bocci Engineering
  • Lynn Tilton, DURA and Global Automotive
  • Patti Massey, MYCA Group, Inc.
  • Lee Youngblood, McIntyre & Youngblood, LLC




  • Candice Bennett, Candice Bennett & Associates, Inc.
  • Rebeccas Boenigk, Neutral Posture, Inc.
  • Lorelei Carobolante, G2nd Systems, LLC
  • Sharon Castillo, SB Services, Inc.
  • Pam Curry, One Safe Place Media Corp.
  • Rosalie Edson, Meadows Office Furniture Co.
  • Floriza Genautis, Management Business Solutions
  • Angie Hollerich, Brass Ring Productions, Ltd.
  • Monique Honaman, ISHR Group
  • Patty Klein, A-Plus Meetings & Incentives
  • Michelle McHenry, Laser Lab, Inc.
  • Janell McGill, Milligan Events
  • Janice Migliore, PALCO
  • Beth Williams, Roxbury Technology Corp




  • LaSonya Berry, McPherson, Berry & Associates, Inc.
  • Jennifer Collins, The Event Planning Group
  • Kari Heistad, Culture Coach International
  • Kimberly Holstein, Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels
  • Sandy Hunter, Hunter Hawk, Inc.
  • Denise Kanaar, D & D Logistics LLC
  • Julie Levi, Progressive Promotions Inc.
  • Katherine Mlakar, The Millicraft Paper Company
  • Sue Pistone, Sue Pistone & Associates
  • Terri Quinton, Q2 Marketing Group
  • Laurie Travis, LTevention
  • Michelle Vignes, Universal Personnel, LLC
  • Judith Zimmermann, Artcraft & Foremost



  • Alma Abdul-Hadi Jadallah, Kommon Denominator, Inc.
  • Dana Chryst, The Jay Group
  • Pamela Hardy, Owe No Man Marketing, LLC
  • Kayhan Hellriegel, Kayhan International, Ltd.
  • Sandra L. James, Private Eyes, Inc.
  • Patricia Rodriguez Christian, CRC Group, Inc.
  • Marlene Kelly, Exhibits South
  • Cheryl W. Snead, Banneker Industries, Inc.
  • Janice Pellar, EMCO Technologies
  • Lisa Torcasio, Torcasio Sales & Marketing, Inc.
  • April Stremming, April’s Images & Productions
  • Katherin Nukk-Freeman, Nukk-Freeman & Cerra, P.C.
  • Amelia Rodriguez, Vocalink Language Services
  • Christina Fischer, The Fischer Group




  • Michelle Boggs, McKinley Marketing Partners
  • Julie Copeland, Arbill Safety Products
  • Lori Davis, RIG-CHEM, Inc.
  • Lynne Marie Finn, Superior Staff Resources, Inc.
  • Carolyn Gable, New Age Transportation, Distribution & Warehousing Inc.
  • Margarita Gonzalez, AccuBANKER
  • Michele Finn Johnson, Artemis Consulting Group, Inc.
  • Sandy Lish, The Castle Group, Inc.
  • Olsa Martini, Olsa Resources, Inc.
  • Pamela O’Rourke, ICON Information Consultants, LP
  • Roxann Patrick, Designed Solutions Group, Inc.
  • Andra Rush, Rush Trucking
  • Nancy Williams, ASAP
  • Kathe White, Facilitech Inc.




  • Tara Abraham, Accel, Inc
  • Sarah Bates, New Technology Steel
  • Phyllis Godwin, Granite City Electric Supply Company
  • Lynn J. Griffith, Welcome Florida
  • Janice Hamilton, JMH Education Marketing, Inc.
  • Lisa Hanlon, TelTech Communications, LLC
  • Dawn Magnan, n8 Solutions
  • Sheri Orlowitz, Shan Industries, LLC
  • Kanchana Raman, Avion Systems, Inc.
  • Julia Rhodes, Kleenslate Concepts
  • Judy Ritter, Ritter Contracting
  • Deborah M. Sawyer, Environmental Design International, Inc.
  • Karin Stevens, Edelweiss Enterprises, Inc.
  • Gail Warrior Lawrence, The Warrior Group




  • Maureen Beal, National Van Lines, Inc.
  • Sheila Benson, Employment Screen Services
  • Billie Bryant, CESCO, Inc.
  • Sandra Davis, Applied Computer Solutions
  • Annette Fabozzi, Island Computer Products, Inc.
  • Sandra Floyd, Outsource Consulting Services, Inc.
  • Terri Hall, Doubletake Studios, Inc.
  • Trish Karter, Dancing Deer Baking Company
  • Cara Shelton-Kass, Hi-Tech Imaging Representing
  • Patrice Kouvas, AVI Foodsystems
  • Brenda Loube, Corporate Fitness Works
  • Maureen O’Connor, LEM Products, Inc.
  • Connie Rankin, Customized Real Estate Services, Inc.
  • Beverly Wall, Languages International




  • Sharon Cannarsa, Systrand Manufacturing Corporation
  • Loreley DeGeorge, Daystar Promotions, Inc.
  • Valerie Freeman, Imprimis Group, Inc.
  • Cynthia Johnson, Johnson & Associates Business Interiors Incorporated
  • Elizabeth Kearney, Ph.D., Kearney & Associates: The Experts’ Alliance
  • Mercedes LaPorta, Mercedes Electric Supply, Inc.
  • Regina Mellinger, Primary Services, L.P.
  • Nancy Michaels, Impression Impact
  • Frances Mills, Cajun Treats
  • Carol Muszynski, Eighth Day Design
  • Caroline Simmons Nault, Exhibits South
  • Sheila Hale Ogle, MRPP, Inc.
  • Lisa M. Witomski, T. Frank McCall’s, Inc.

Barbara Woyak, Future Trends Technology Management



  • Heidi Berenson, Berenson Communications, Inc.
  • Sharon Burton, The Robart Companies
  • June Coldren, Cenergy Corporation
  • Mona Eliassen, Eliassen Group, Inc.
  • Lynne Marie Finn, Superior Staffing Services, Inc.
  • Carol Howlin, Paragon Promotional Marketing, Inc.
  • E. Jean Johnson, LegalWATCH, Inc.
  • Joan Lasselle, Lasselle-Ramsay Information Development Services
  • Terri McNally, Global Capital Ltd.
  • Patricia Monteforte, Pharmaceutical Resource Corporation
  • Frances Queen, Queen Associates, Inc.
  • Leslie Saunders, Leslie Saunders Insurance and Marketing International
  • Tina Stover, Direct Effect Productions, Inc.
  • Nina Vaca, Pinnacle Technical Resources, Inc.



  • Michelle J. Boggs, McKinley Marketing Partners
  • Jodi Clausman, Corporate Repository and Clausman Legal Staffing
  • Marsha Davidson, Telecopy, Inc.
  • Gretchen Fox, Fox Relocation Management Corporation
  • Joanne Harmelin, Harmelin Media
  • Linda F. Harris, L.F. Harris and Company
  • Tracy Jenkins, Amazing Gift Baskets
  • Greta Johnson-Williams, The Diverse Placement Group, LLC
  • Tricia Johnston, Rainbow Computer Services, Inc.
  • Kate Koziol, Fusion Creative and Fusion Alliance
  • Nadine Lange, Open Scan Technologies, Inc.
  • Toni Mastrullo, Telecom Resources of America
  • Gail Tassel, Acuity, Inc.
  • Avis Yates-Rivers, Technology Concepts Group, Inc.



  • Barbara Blair, Cyber Staff America,
  • Nancy Connolly, Lasertone, Inc.
  • Diane Craig, The Labeling and Packaging Company
  • Sharon Evans, CFJ Manufacturing
  • Terri L.C. Hornsby, TLC Adcentives
  • Kim Jackson, CEO Assessment Plus, Inc.
  • LaRae Kunz, GSS Consulting
  • Sheri Orlowitz, Shan Industries
  • Candice Phillips, BIO-MED Testing Service, Inc.
  • Julie Rodriguez, Epic Divers Inc.
  • Judy Sheppard, PSA Consulting
  • Annette Taddeo, LanguageSpeak
  • Kelle Welch, Metro Supply and Metro Recycling
  • Cynthia Wollman, Sun Printing House



  • Maryanne Cataldo, City Lights Electrical Company, Inc.
  • Z.D. Wooten, The One-Ness Group
  • Joyce A. Wheeland, Computer Consultants of America, Inc.
  • Toni Meyer, River Parishes Travel Center and Worldspan Services, Inc.
  • Marilyn Bushey, Power Performance & Communication Inc.
  • Diane MacWilliams, Quicksilver Associates, Inc.
  • Leslie Saunders, Leslie Saunders Insurance and Marketing Interational
  • Doris Damm, ACCU Staffing Services
  • Teri Ray, Adprint International Inc.
  • Deloris C. Lewis-Morgan, Debt Credit Services
  • Danielle Lamirato, L&M Printing
  • Amy DeLouise, Take Aim Media, Inc.
  • Cathleen Colella, Hazardous Elimination Corporation
  • Elaine Sinis, Omne Staffing, Inc.



  • Sherra Aguirre, Aztec Facility Services, Inc.
  • Alta S. Baker, Baker Foundations, Inc. and Safe Haven Enterprises
  • Gerri Johnson Hurley, Blackhawk Management Corporation
  • Catherine Lee, CDL & Associates
  • Linda Davis, Davis Management Co., Inc.
  • Debbie Faraone, The Elements
  • Rita Meyers and Stacy Ames, Falmer Thermal Spray
  • Nikki Olyai, Innovision Technologies, Inc.
  • Paula Mann, Sunbelt Telecommunications
  • Susan Gage, Susan Gage Caterers
  • Cheryl L. Thompson-Draper, Warren Electric Group



  • Diana Conley, ComputerLand Downers Grove
  • Wendy Lopez, Wendy Lopez & Associates, Inc.
  • Deborah Sawyer, Environmental Design International
  • Mary Kay Hamm, Linden International
  • Carroll Suggs, Petroleum Helicopters, Inc.
  • Lorraine Hallock, Delaire USA



Selection Process

The WBE Star award is an awards program that features 14 WBEs each year, one from each of the 14 Regional Partner Organizations (RPOs), who are nominated by RPO Leaders to be a WBE Star.

In order to be nominated as a WBE Star, the WBE must first demonstrate that they are a shining example of what it means to be a WBENC-Certified women business owner at the regional level. Several aspects are considered in this nomination process.



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