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Diversity Professional, a long time partner to WBENC, is an interactive international publication with a focus on business, career, and lifestyle, delivering essential information for diverse entrepreneurs and professionals related to business strategies, career development, social trends, and more.

Read a guest post from Ruksana Hussain, Managing Editor, Diversity Professional, on creating a corporate landscape with women in leadership. 

When you consider the women leading change in the supplier diversity and diversity and inclusion arena today, you will quickly observe that they are driven by making a meaningful impact in the workplaces they occupy and the communities they serve.

In Diversity Professional’s cover story this summer, Women Who Lead, we looked at what motivates women in leadership positions in some of the most well-known organizations in the industry, to do better, aim higher, and be the champion for others. These power players take business matters to heart, making their mark with their actions within and outside their organizations. We featured WBENC’s own President and CEO Pamela Prince-Eason along with other powerhouse leaders that are a force to reckon with in the corporate landscape.

But make no mistake in recognizing the fact there is a long way to go, even as the ripples of work accomplished continue to affect our organizations, associations, communities and other avenues, where progress in D&I is sometimes simply a mention here and a reference there. This Inside Higher Ed story makes the case that our current global health crisis will have negative repercussions on the careers of women in STEM, particularly those of color, and could possibly ruin the progress achieved thus far in faculty equity. Law.com shares that the diversity score card, while progressing, is still seriously threatened. The Writers Guild of America has called upon the major studios in the country to better their D&I efforts. In fact, the World Economic Forum recommends diversity be addressed in workforce and employment as economies begin to explore opening up for business in a phased manner across the world.

When we look at the broad umbrella of leadership and entrepreneurship intersecting with supplier diversity and diversity and inclusion, there are remarkable women highlighting the work of their communities and counterparts, focused on successful diversity initiatives and strategies. Across industries and sectors, they are paving the way for others to join them in these journeys of inclusion and excellence. Whether education or entertainment, oil and gas or fintech, women are frontrunners in establishing the reality that we are all seeing take shape around us – the organizations that enable successful, results-oriented and impact-driven programs do witness the fruits of their strategic decisions to include all stakeholders in their operations. The big picture benefits for all parties involved outnumber any operational challenges.

We all flourish from the strength of our numbers and grow stronger together in the process. The global pandemic, despite its hurdles, has witnessed women in our communities lead in new ways. At Diversity Professional, we share some of those incredibly inspiring stories through our #StrongerTogether news bulletins. If you are yet to subscribe, then you are missing out on some fantastic stories of resilience and innovation. We also amplify the contributions of those making great strides in the supplier diversity and diversity and inclusion space via our One on One Conversations with industry experts. There are certainly exciting times ahead with so many women in professional and entrepreneurial positions leading the way!

Diversity Professional is an interactive national publication with a focus on business, career and lifestyle, delivering essential information for diverse entrepreneurs and professionals related to business strategies, career development, education, economics and social trends.

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Ruksana Hussain
Managing Editor, Diversity Professional