Throughout 2023, WBENC is recognizing and celebrating WBEs who have demonstrated remarkable resilience and capacity to reinvent themselves. The 2023 WBE Stars are being honored for perseverance and excellence through reinvention and innovation, despite the unprecedented challenges of recent years.

Introducing Meg Cook, Co-Founder, Owner, and President of Painters USA, who’s exceptional leadership and visionary approach have propelled her into the spotlight as a 2023 WBE Star for Women’s Business Development Council – Midwest. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation, Meg Cook stands as a true role model for aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing the incredible heights that can be achieved through determination and dedication.

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Each WBENC WBE Star has been selected by one of 14 Regional Partner Organizations (RPOs), who lead the world-class WBENC Certification of women-owned businesses throughout the country. The 2023 WBE Stars were honored during the 2023 WBENC National Conference, a gathering of more than 3000 entrepreneurs and business leaders taking place March 20-23, 2023, in Nashville, Tennessee, and throughout the year. WBENC will be featuring the 2023 WBE Stars in many ways, including this article series and in WE USA Magazine feature articles this summer.


Painters USA has grown into a thriving, highly-respected company, serving industrial and commercial clients across the United States. Working from offices in Texas and Illinois, their project crews and office staff are committed to client success and satisfaction. The largest, most complex industrial / commercial job will be efficiently broken down and completed to meet quality expectations and comply with your regulatory and auditing environment. Painters USA focuses on attention to detail and will never compromise health and safety standards.

Meg’s story with Painters USA began with humble roots, starting part-time and then embracing a full-time role in 1998. Today, she stands tall as the Co-Founder, Owner, and President, a testament to her unwavering dedication and exceptional leadership.

The first testament to Meg’s perseverance lies in her response to the COVID-19 crisis. Instead of succumbing to adversity, Painters USA proactively pivoted, orchestrating innovative initiatives like packaged services for clients. This strategic move not only ensured the standardization of building maintenance but also opened up new avenues for growth.

In the face of a crisis, Meg’s visionary thinking led the company to diversify its offerings, demonstrating an ability to find opportunities even in challenging times.

Equally noteworthy is Painters USA’s unwavering commitment to safety. Meg and her team recognized the critical importance of safeguarding both clients and employees by maintaining and enhancing high safety standards that showcased their dedication to their stakeholders’ well-being. This commitment not only earned the trust of clients but also solidified Painters USA’s reputation as a responsible and caring entity. In the face of adversity, Meg’s leadership transformed challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation, highlighting her extraordinary ability to steer the ship through tumultuous waters.

An Innovator and Leader for WBEs and the WBENC network

Amidst the challenges posed by pandemic restrictions, Meg Cook and her visionary leadership team at Painters USA demonstrated their resilience by turning adversity into opportunity. Recognizing the need for continuous growth, they harnessed the power of technology, orchestrating Zoom classes to enhance employee training and certification. This innovative approach not only kept the workforce engaged but also elevated their skill set, positioning Painters USA as a paragon of adaptability in uncertain times.

Meg Cook’s strategic prowess truly shone as she led her team in a concerted effort to prioritize safety in the face of new challenges. With unwavering dedication, they developed cutting-edge health and safety protocols tailored for working at client job sites. This commitment not only safeguarded the well-being of employees but also earned the trust and confidence of clients. Meg’s leadership and the Painters USA team’s swift response reflect a remarkable ability to transform hurdles into steppingstones, fostering growth, and setting new industry standards.

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A Commitment to the Community and Beyond

Meg Cook’s engagement at the national level has been truly commendable. Her commitment to professional development and industry collaboration is evident through her active participation in various national events, where she not only gains insights but also shares her wealth of knowledge.

Meg’s dedication is highlighted by her consistent presence at WBE Forum meetings, where she contributes her expertise and fosters meaningful connections with peers across the nation. Beyond her own company’s operations, her unwavering support for other Regional Planning Organizations (RPOs) with substantial operations underlines her commitment to broader industry advancement, showcasing her leadership and dedication on a national scale.

A cornerstone of reliability, Meg Cook has become a bedrock supporter of WBDC Midwest’s various events and initiatives. Her dedication shines through as she supports her RPO’s endeavors, lending her expertise and enthusiasm to every project. Meg’s engagement is more than attendance – it’s a wholehearted investment in the betterment of the entrepreneurial landscape. Her consistent presence, active involvement, and invaluable contributions make her an inspirational figure, a beacon of leadership that guides and empowers others within WBDC Midwest.

Unyielding Commitment to the Future

Meg Cook has exhibited a remarkable strength of character that defies the challenges most business owners would find overwhelming. In the face of both professional and personal adversities that could have easily deterred many, Meg’s resilient nature paved the path of success. Undeterred by the hardships, she not only weathered the storm but emerged even stronger, steadfastly serving her customers and propelling her business forward. Meg’s ability to navigate through such trying times with unwavering determination is a testament to her exceptional leadership and unyielding commitment to her vision and the growth of her enterprise.

About Painters USA

Painters USA has grown into a thriving, highly-respected company, serving industrial and commercial clients across the United States. Working from offices in Texas and Illinois, our project crews and office staff are committed to client success and satisfaction. Painters USA is proud to be WBENC-certified as a woman-owned business enterprise.

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