Leading with Vision – Dr. Jacqueline Darna

Jacqueline’s story is a true testament to what can be achieved when you follow your heart, know your audience, and step into your power as the visionary of your company.

Read an excerpt from the latest episode of the podcast featuring Dr. Jacqueline Darna, CEO of WBENC-Certified Doc OTC and medical inventor of NoMo Bands, the first and only natural way to stop nausea, vomiting, headaches, and sleeplessness in adults, kids, and even pets that has become a global success.

The birth of the NoMo brand coincided with the birth of Jacqueline’s daughter eight years ago. When Jacqueline had to have an emergency C-section, the anesthesia she was given caused nausea and vomiting for several days. An anesthesiologist herself, she applied the knowledge she had gained during her studies about post-operative nausea in the hopes she’d find relief – and the NoMo brand was born

“One thing I always say is, ‘So what if they say no?’ You’re in the same position you were before. So why not go for it? It’s okay to hear no. It means you’re putting in the work.”

– Dr. Jacqueline Darna

Watch or listen to the podcast now to hear:

  • How the birth of Jacqueline’s daughter – and a peppermint plant – led to the invention of a revolutionary product.
  • How pregnant mothers, celebrities and athletes helped Jacqueline not only promote her product through word of mouth but scale it to reach a much larger market.
  • How Jacqueline is leading with vision by continuing to branch out and scale with additional product lines.
  • Why Jacqueline’s favorite quote is “Business is the people of people.”
  • Why Jacqueline’s best advice for women business owners is to support other women.
  • And much more!
Watch the full episode:

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