From September 30 to October 5, 2018, 54 women business owners gathered in Palisades, NY to participate in a 6-day intensive business course led by the top professors from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

The Tuck-WBENC Executive Program, brought to you by IBM, is an executive education program focused on WBE skill development to increase business capacity, operations, and leadership.

Throughout the week, participants examined their businesses as case studies and learned how to apply core business concepts through real-world applications. The program challenged participants to look at overall business strategy through the lens of finance, marketing. operations, management and leadership. Participants were engaged in lectures, discussions, and simulations designed to challenge them wherever they were in the business lifecycle.

WBEs were selected from a pool of applicants based on their industry, firm size, and how they are poised for growth.

Meet the graduates of the 2018 Tuck-WBENC Executive Program:
  • Michele Adams, Levy Marketing + Awards
  • Joni Anderson, Anderson Burton
  • Susan Boaz, Galway Company
  • Dominique Cagle, Nika Corporate Housing, LLC
  • Donna Chappel, Advanced Integration Group, Inc.
  • Margaret Cook, Painters USA Inc
  • Marie D’Andrea, Spectrix Analytical Services, LLC
  • Clara D’Silva, Korecomptenz
  • Pamela Feld, Triumph
  • Candace Fitzpatrick, CoreClarity, Inc.
  • Joan Francy, AdMed, Inc.
  • Lisa Frederick, Unity Printing Co., Inc.
  • Rebecca Fyffe, Landmark Pest Management
  • Melinda Grady, Carriage Paper Products
  • Erika Hodess, Protocol Management Services Inc.
  • Sally Hughes, Caster Connection, Inc.
  • Melissa Huizinga, Arborworks
  • Marina Ilari, Terra Translations
  • Leronda Jackson, LFL Insurance Agency LLC
  • Dawn Jackson, Nudawn Marketing Group, Inc.
  • Ann Johnson, Waste Tech Services, Inc.
  • Elizabeth Jutte-Kill, Auld Technologies LLC
  • Hayat Kelil-Brown, Hayat Brown LLC
  • Carol Kirkland, AVE Solutions
  • Kimberly Koch, Tripwireless, Inc.
  • Kelly Kolar. Kolar Design, Inc.
  • Veronica Lewis, USDTL
  • Laura Londin, The Booth Photo & Video
  • Tina Madden Meetings & Incentives Worldwide, Inc.
  • Helen Madden-Weiss, NPW Contracting, Inc.
  • Martha Maier, Vista Analytical Laboratory
  • Diana Maples, Intercross
  • Marie McGrath, Demand Lighting USA
  • Brenda McKenna, BCM Media
  • Lisa Moss, MSH Construction Co., Inc.
  • Deborah Muller, HR Acuity
  • Caron Ng, Loyal International Inc.
  • Lynn Nye, Medical Minds, Inc
  • Neelima Parasker, SnapIT Solutions, LLC
  • Le Phan, Strategic Benefit Solutions
  • Subha Rajana, Biarca, Inc
  • Jennifer Randall, MAESTRO
  • Courtney Richard, Anchor36 Logistics, LLC
  • Maria Rios, Nation Waste Inc
  • Rochelle Rivas, DARTON Group Consulting
  • Susan Ruhl, ICC, Inc.
  • Mariyah Saifuddin, Innovative Solution Partners, Inc.
  • Sheri Spencer-Bachman, Spencer Pest Services
  • Joanna Terry, Souperb, LLC
  • Denise Tijerina, TQ Customs Brokerage
  • Brook Todare, Global Diversity Logistics (GDL)
  • Kelly Wogoman, Select Industries Corp.
  • Donna Zariczny, Inscale Architects
  • Mary Zimmer, Floor & Wall Inc.


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