Grace Wang, Founder of Petphoria, a WBENC-Certified modern lifestyle brand for dogs and their people, shares lessons she has learned as a young Asian-American woman entrepreneur (or Petrepreneur as she likes to call herself) and her advice for others on their entrepreneurial journey.

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1. You will always be learning on the go.

I am one to always be prepared, over prepared in most cases. My journey through entrepreneurship has taught me that you will never be prepared and that you are always learning as you go. No matter how much you think you know something or how perfect you have things organized, there will always be a curve ball thrown your way. Strong Entrepreneurs are ones that know how to take those curve balls and adjust, quickly, to them.

2. You will have days where you want to quit.

If you’ve ever seen that meme about being a small business owner and it’s a bunch of scribbles and confusion, that meme is 100% accurate. There are days where you are going to want to quit. Days where no matter how perfect you try to get all your screen-printed tees, there are going to be mistakes. Days where dog treat recipes just don’t come out how you need them to. Days where you feel so alone in your entrepreneurial journey. Staying positive and remembering my end goal is how I get through the hardest days. And of course, hugging and kissing Beni (my dog).

3. You will have to make sacrifices.

This one really hit me hard. I didn’t realize how many sacrifices I had to make in order to achieve my dream. There have been so many sacrifices that I’ve made personally. One of the biggest ones being moving back in to live with my parents in Wisconsin from Los Angeles. In business, you’re going to have to make many sacrifices, that honestly suck, but make sure you are always remembering your end goal or what you are trying to achieve. These “short term” sacrifices can lead to long term successes!

4. Be your biggest fan.

Be your biggest fan and cheerleader – because no one else will. Of course, you’ll have your friends and your family, but no one else will ever understand the position you are in. Make sure you are a true believer in everything you produce because that ultimately will help create the most excitement and passion for others to see and purchase.

Being an Entrepreneur is not easy, but dang…is it rewarding. I encourage everyone to follow their dreams, and if their dreams are to become an entrepreneur, reach out to me – lets be friends!

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Our dogs are more than just our furry companions, they are our family and we want them to be happy and healthy. Petphoria creates nutritious dog treats that are made in small batches with quality ingredients. They know every dog has their own personality and they are sure you will find an adorable toy or accessory that shows off your dog’s personal flair and cuteness through. And for you dog owners – shop their perfectly curated human apparel collection for the passionate dog owner.

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Grace Wang

Grace Wang is the Founder of Petphoria, an Asian-American women-owned business. Petphoria, a modern lifestyle brand for dogs and their people, creates nutritious dog treats that are made in small batches with quality ingredients. Petphoria products are packed with eco-friendly tubes that you can gift to your dog to show them how much you care!