The WBE Voice within the WBENC Network

The Women’s Enterprise Forum (the Forum) is a select group of WBENC-certified WBEs that are nominated by their Regional Partner Organization (RPO) and appointed by WBENC. Forum members serve on business-focused Teams where they share their expertise and knowledge with each other. Forum members are recognized as the voice of the WBEs within the WBENC network.  All WBEs are invited to attend Forum sessions at our national events.


Why Participate

Benefits of Serving on the Forum

Serving on the Forum has several benefits, including:

  • Network-building with highly successful women business leaders
  • Opportunities for leadership within the WBENC network
  • Increased access to WBENC Corporate Members
  • “Forum First” insights into upcoming WBENC events, programs and opportunities
  • Ability to share and trade business knowledge and expertise across the WBENC network
How to Join

Forum Appointee Criteria

WBEs who are nominated by their RPO Leader (every other year) for appointment are among the most successful, most engaged women business leaders in the WBENC network, and those who have demonstrated their commitment to helping WBENC further the efforts of women in business. In selecting WBEs for appointments, these factors are considered:

  • Number of years in business
  • Number of years WBENC-certified
  • Level of business expertise and industry knowledge
  • Participation in regional and national events
  • Participation in regional and national programs
  • Demonstrated commitment of time and resources regionally and nationally
  • Recognized as a leader in their industry or by other organizations

How to Get Involved

It starts with regional engagement:

It includes national engagement:

  • To learn more about this group, all WBENC-certified WBEs are welcome to attend the open Women’s Enterprise Forum events that precede WBENC national events.

Forum Events & Meetings

The Forum meets regularly throughout the year. Each quarter, the Forum hosts meetings for the membership and each Forum Team hosts meetings for their members.

Forum programming includes Team discussions and planning, keynote speakers, Corporate guests, and specialized Team activities and events.

Contact us for more details on how you can get involved with the Women’s Enterprise Forum.
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Leadership of the Forum

Peggy Del Fabbro
M. Davis & Sons, Inc.
Industrial Construction Fabrication & Maintenance
Forum Chair

Hannah Kain
Supply Chain, Technology, and Logistics
Forum 1st Vice Chair

Kelly Kolar
Kolar Design Inc.
Brand, Interior Design, Data-Driven Analytics
Forum 2nd Vice Chair

Forum Teams

The Forum is comprised of five Forum Teams each with their own Team Focus:

Domestic Team
Team Focus: Leverage the Network Domestically

Engagement Team
Team Focus: Engagement as a Growth Strategy

Global Team
Team Focus: A Catalyst for Global Growth through Education, Support, and Resources

Government Team 
Team Focus: More Federal Business for More WBEs

Marketing Team 
Team Focus: Raise the Profile of the Forum and Its Members

Team representatives share their expertise and knowledge with each other for the purpose of supporting business growth. Teams use this accumulated knowledge to share with the broader WBENC network via activities, events, and information.

Forum Leadership Team

Michele Adams
Levy Recognition
Custom Awards, Employee Recognition Programs
Engagement Team Chair
WBEC Florida


Barbara Bosha
Bosha Design+Communications
Marketing, Branding, Strategic Communications
Marketing Team 2nd Vice Chair


Rashmi Chaturvedi
Kaygen, Inc
IT Consulting, Enterprise Data Mgmt, Cyber Security
Global Team Chair


Tammy Cohen
InfoMart, Inc.
Background Screening
Domestic Team 2nd Vice Chair


Chanel Christoff Davis
Davis Davis & Harmon LLC- Sales Tax Experts
Sales Tax Refunds, Business Process Audits/Reviews
Engagement Team 2nd Vice Chair

Lianne Lami
Bocci Engineering, LLC
Mechanical and Environmental Engineering, Construction
Engagement Team Chair


Julie Lilliston
Julie Lilliston Communications LLC
Corporate Communications, Thought Leadership, PR
Marketing Team 1st Vice Chair
WBEC South


Dee C. Marshall
Diverse & Engaged
Leadership Development & Diversity Consulting
Engagement Team 1st Vice Chair


Janice Migliore
Information Technology, Reverse Logistics, Repair
Government Team Chair
WBEC South


Angela Morrow
LubriSource, Inc.
Industrial Lubrication Equipment and Systems
Government Team 2nd Vice Chair

Caron Ng
NU-SET, Inc.
Global Lock Mfg
Global Team 2nd Vice Chair


Lilian Radke
Unic Pro Inc.
Janitorial Services
Domestic Team Chair


Biddie Webb
Limb Design
Branding, Marketing, Digital Design
Marketing Team Chair


Molly Zraik
The BAZ Group, Inc.
IT & Telecom Services
Domestic Team 1st Vice Chair

Forum Directory

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Contact Information

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