Each Friday in February, we are featuring one of our 2021 Women of Color Incubator Pitch Competition winners. These up-and-coming Black women business owners are sure to inspire and motivate other young Black women entrepreneurs, and all of us, to pursue their own business ventures.

Meet Samantha Andrews, chief executive officer of Legacy Management & Consulting and 2nd Place Awardee from North Carolina A & T University.

What inspired you to start your business? 

The inspiration to start this business came from years of volunteering with organizations within my local community. Impacting the community has also been a strong family value passed on to me since childhood. As I began to further develop my professional skills, I saw an opportunity to support and advance the missions of community-based businesses and non-profit organizations while also contributing to the individual causes they champion.

What has the entrepreneurship journey looked like for you so far? 

So far, the journey has been all about preparation. Working full time while starting a business can be challenging and the commitment to realizing the goal must be a steady motivator while trying to maintain balance. Despite the challenges, I have been met with numerous connections and learning opportunities that will assist me as I complete this planning phase and transition to execution in the very near future.

What has been the most rewarding part of being a young female entrepreneur? 

The most rewarding part of this journey is realizing that this is a goal that I can achieve. Having seen myself in a traditional corporate role for most of my professional and academic career, the idea of shifting my focus to include entrepreneurship seemed to be something that simply wasn’t for me. Coming to realize that we can live multifaceted lives and pursue seemingly unrelated things at different points in our lives, and that all of these things still work to achieve meaningful goals. This is not only satisfying but also fulfilling for my personal development.

Where do you see yourself in one year? How about 5 years? 

With initial clients expressing interest and a continued investment in my professional skills, in one year I see myself balancing a thriving business with my current full-time role as I continue to understand how I can impact others through multiple avenues. In five years, I anticipate greater opportunities for my business which will have allowed it to expand, reach across the country, and potentially the world. I also hope that the flexibility provided by the nature of the business will allow me to continue my education and work towards the completion of a PhD.

What advice would you give to other female founders just starting their business? 

I believe other female founders should start their entrepreneurial journey being honest with themselves. Tell yourself the truth about what it is you really want to do, how you really want to enact change in society or the world of business. Tell the truth about what you want to create. Then whatever you create will be something that you can always proud of.

How would you describe your experience in the WOC Incubator Program? 

The experience was eye-opening to say the least. To be in the company of fellow young women of color, all taking the time to hone their skills and increase their knowledge, reminded me of the great things that we can accomplish when we are bold enough to take chances. Also, I felt so grateful to be able to take advantage of the knowledge being shared by other business owners who are willing to invest in others.

What did you learn during the WOC Incubator program that will help you grow your business? 

Strategic thinking and intentionality about communicating what your business offers with the customer in mind were the most significant takeaways, but certainly not the only ones. Before I was able to list and describe all the things that I could do without really thinking about the perceived value. Now my focus has shifted to being able to talk to what I can specifically do for my target client base and point to the impact I have had on similar organizations.

What’s next for you and your business? 

I am currently negotiating contracts for projects that my business will soon take on, expanding my network, and learning more about the greatness of my ambition. I realize more and more everyday that the limits are boundless if cease to limit the scope of my vision to make well-intentioned causes more impactful for the people whose lives they seek to improve.


Samantha Andrews
Chief Executive Officer

Legacy Management & Consulting is a company supporting community-based businesses and non-profit organizations that seek to be more impactful and efficient. Through offering management consulting services, Legacy M&C evaluates an organizations goals and ensures its current strategies are aligned to achieve those goals. Legacy offers organizational and operations management insight to implement solutions that will establish, improve, and maintain a successful organization while keeping their values at the forefront. The longevity and sustainability of the organizations Legacy M&C partners with is the primary focus. This is achieved by valuing the people in the communities these organizations serve, and the people which run the organizations making the work possible.