In business, first impressions are everything. But the key to making the right impression isn’t always about what you say about your brand, but about highlighting the subtle details that let your brand speak for itself.

Read an excerpt from the latest episode of the podcast featuring Brooke Nelson who, along with her partner Rachel Pru, founded Curate Art Group, a WBENC-Certified company helping businesses reinforce and enhance their brand through art.

Curate Art Group operates on the foundation of meaningful artwork and streamlined process. They make art that matters by developing strong storylines with local and diverse artists, along with providing sustainable materials and practices.

Tune in now to discover how art can help you curate your perfect story for powerful impact, greater success and accelerated business growth — and how WBENC and its amazing network can help!

“Artwork is so emotional and if a brand can tell a story visually, they’ve nailed it. If they can tell you a story without words, that means they’ve probably done their job really well.”

– Brooke Nelson

Watch or listen to the podcast now to hear:

  • How meeting in high school Spanish class led to Brooke and her partner Rachel launching a successful company together.
  • Brooke’s advice to other small businesses for landing large corporate clients.
  • How Curate Art Group utilized their WBENC Certification to grow their business and connect to Fortune 500 clients.
  • The innovative ways Curate Art Group finds unique artwork that helps its clients visually represent their brands.
  • The biggest lessons Brooke and Rachel have learned over their years of being business partners.
  • What Brooke knows now that she wishes she knew when she co-founded her company.
Listen to the full episode:
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