For many businesses, you may be considering what would be an appropriate and appreciated corporate gift for the holiday season. Why not choose a gift that reinforces your commitment to supporting diverse and women-owned businesses?

The Women Owned Gift Guide is a curated selection of products from WBENC-Certified women-owned brands in a virtual, magazine-style format. We’ve refreshed it in time for National Women’s Small Business Month and our Fall 2021 Women Owned public awareness campaign, “Make One Switch to #BuyWomenOwned.”

It’s simple and easy, but potentially incredibly powerful for the bottom line of women-owned businesses that often don’t have as many resources and exposure to get the word out broadly about their products among the holiday marketing din.

This year, it’s particularly timely to start thinking now about what gifts you want to send, and the message they send. As you may have already heard, shipping and availability for holiday gifts is likely to be delayed and impacted more than normal this season.

The Women Owned Gift Guide is also a great resource for any personal “holiday” shopping needs or to drop hints with friends and family.

Women-Owned Gift Ideas for Businesses

Here are a few ideas (with many more in the guide!) from The Women-Owned Gift Guide to consider for your business gifting needs this year.

For even more women-owned brands, check out our Women Owned Business Directory, featuring hundreds of products from WBENC or WEConnect-Certified businesses.

As always, one of the best ways to support women entrepreneurs is to share with your friends, family and co-workers!