When you own a business, drawing the line between work and life can be difficult, if not impossible – and that’s before you throw in a global health pandemic and economic crisis. As we navigate through these incredibly stressful and uncertain times, the idea of self-care may seem frivolous or unimportant. But it’s precisely because of this crisis that self-care needs to be a priority, especially for business owners experiencing unprecedented challenges.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we have collected a few helpful self-care strategies and resources to help manage the stress of COVID-19.

Acknowledge that self-care is important for you and your business

For many busy entrepreneurs, simple acknowledging that time spent on YOU and not your business may be the most difficult hurdle. But think of self-care as an investment in your business – it allows you to recharge and ensures you are best equipped to handle the challenges of each day, of which there are many in today’s environment. Just remember, if you are running on fumes, you are not doing your team or your business any favors.


Schedule time for yourself

The structure of the normal workday has changed during the COVID-19 crisis, further blurring the line between the personal and professional, especially for those with kids at home. Use your schedule as a stabilizer – block time for yourself (go for a walk, read a magazine, take a 10-minute TV break) and develop a routine that works for you. Taking a break from the news or stress of work and focusing on something you enjoy can do wonders for your ability to cope with stress, even in small doses.


Move your body

Your brain is working overtime right now trying to manage your business and cope with the stress of a global health pandemic – how about you give it a break and let your body shoulder some of the load? Getting active through exercise, walking, yoga, biking – really any type of movement – can help improve your overall physical and mental health, reduce stress, and provide a much-needed brain break.


Mental Health Resources

An important part of self-care is paying attention to your mental health. Check out this helpful infographic from Mental Health America on how to manage COVID-19 related anxieties. Learn more here.