Being part of the WBENC network includes being inspired by women business leaders and constantly learning from them! WBENC has the honor to support WBEs upward and onward throughout their business journey for the past 25 years! In this article, we asked some of our WBEs: “If you could choose anyone, who would you have dinner with to talk about the future of women’s entrepreneurship and/or supplier diversity?” to highlight the inspirations that influence our network!

Hallie Satz | HighRoad Press

“I would like to have dinner with Serena Williams. Women need a loud vocal voice that all women know and respect and will listen too. I am always concerned about women’s economic empowerment and the cycle of domestic violence and dependency. Of course, domestic violence can go both ways but an important proven way to combat that is through economic empowerment.”

Fact: Serena Williams continues her initiative to fight against domestic violence with Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse, a program that constantly works toward women empowerment.

About Hallie Satz 

While growing up in the printing business, Hallie’s family owned a printing company that started in 1922. She quickly realized how male-dominant the industry was and decided to branch out on her own. Hallie Satz founded HighRoad Press in 2004. Hallie attributes the success of the company to the HighRoad team which is committed to a pro-active approach in working directly with customers in suggesting economical solutions on the projects that are quoted and produced. Of course, it goes without saying that quality can never be sacrificed and our high standards are proven by our track record of client retention and growth. 

The WBENC Network Connects!

Lianne Lami | Bocci Engineering

“Andrew Butler, Procter & Gamble”

Fact: Andrew Butler is not only the Senior Director of Market Operations at Procter & Gamble, but also Board Chair, of the Marketing & Programs Committee for WBENC.


About Lianne Lami

As founder of Bocci Engineering, Lianne’s entrepreneurial spirit is the foundation behind the company’s success, diversity, and talent. She brings to Bocci a career of more than 30 years in the energy industry and strategic partners and executive relations through corporate, advisory and board officer roles. Lianne leads Bocci to provide high quality, responsive consulting services in the areas of energy, water, wastewater, industrial, manufacturing, and institutional segments. Her vision for Bocci, her passion for innovation, and her drive to serve have built a unique scalable business. 

Kimberly Springsteen-Abbott | Commonwealth Capital Corp.

“Even though I’ve had opportunities to talk with Pam – I would love to have dinner to hear her views about the future of women’s entrepreneurship. She brings a vast amount of experience to our group – we are lucky to have her.”

About Kimberly Springsteen-Abbott

Kimberly Springsteen-Abbott is the CEO and sole shareholder of Commonwealth Capital Corporation in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida. She is an innovative figure in the equipment leasing and finance field with over four decades of experience who strives to promote and empower female entrepreneurs like herself.

Tammy Cohen | Infomart

“Becky Frankiewicz (President at ManpowerGroup North America), Kris Oswold (Vice President, Global Supplier Diversity at UPS), or Janice Bryant-Howroyd (Founder and CEO at Act 1 Group).”

Fact: Becky Frankiewicz was named one of the “Top 10 Creative People” by Fast Company; Kris Oswold spent a month in south Chicago living with a priest and four co-workers, immersed in serving the needs of the community before leading Supplier Diversity for UPS; Janice Bryant-Howroyd is currently No. 39 on Forbes list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women.

About Tammy Cohen

Tammy Cohen is a nationally honored entrepreneur, successful business woman, and philanthropist. A pioneer of the background screening industry, Tammy founded InfoMart nearly 30 years ago and is referred to as “the Queen of Screen.” InfoMart’s one of the largest screening companies nationwide and serves over 9,000 clients, many of which are on the Fortune & Forbes 100.

Hannah Kain | ALOM

“So many wonderful choices. Pam Prince-Eason would be on the list. She is so connected, and we are always having fun while moving our cause forward. Candace Waterman of WIPP is another top-candidate with her vision. “

Fact: Candace Waterman’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and operational excellence has earned her numerous awards and recognition including 2019 WBE Hall of Fame Recipient and the 2019 Top Executives in Diversity.

About Hannah Kain

Hannah Kain is President and CEO of ALOM, a supply chain company she founded in 1997. ALOM operates out of 19 global locations to support its Fortune 500 customers in the technology, automotive, medical, financial, and energy sectors.

Terry Lehmann | True Green Enterprises, Inc.

“Pamela Prince-Eason as she has a wealth of information and ideas on how to empower women. I’d also have to select my RPO Nancy Allen for the same attributes.”

Fact: Nancy Allen was honored by ICABA as one of South Florida’s 100 Most Accomplished Caribbean Americans.

About Terry Lehmann

Terry Lehmann is a highly successful business owner and entrepreneur who is the President and CEO of True Green Enterprises, a certified WBENC and OSD company.



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Diversity and Inclusion are the Future

Including all walks of life in women-owned businesses inspires innovation and change among current WBEs and sets the tone for our successors. Creating an environment where we can harness our differences and advocate for one another truly represents the spirit of WBENC, as we perpetually celebrate women-owned businesses and women leaders.