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Read below for an excerpt from latest episode with special guest Suzy Batiz, CEO & Founder of Poo~Pourri, the all-natural before you go toilet spray.

Suzy is a serial creator and expert in entrepreneurial intuition who built an empire by challenging societal norms after rising from life’s lowest lows by following an alive idea. Suzy has received numerous awards including in 2019 when she was named on of Forbes America’s Richest Self-Made Women. Suzy teaches entrepreneurs to tune into their intuition and turn on their body intelligence to achieve a natural abundant flow state in life and in business.

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Podcast Excerpt

Allison Maslan: What is different about your team, values and mission for Poo~Pourri than your previous businesses?

Suzy Batiz: Poo~Pourri really lit me up and inspired me. I decided early on that if I was going to go back into business, I wasn’t going to have a good time. Because what’s worse than losing everything is losing everything and realizing (#1) that you didn’t have a good time doing it and (#2) having to face the ways you did business. So I decided I was going to do business the way I wanted and I was going to be able to have fun and if it wasn’t fun, I wasn’t going to do it — and that ripples throughout the culture. We have a culture within our company that we know if it doesn’t turn you on, if you’re exhausted at the end of the day, if you can’t feel like you’re moving, then we need to try to reposition you within the company. And if there’s nothing within the company then we gracefully help you exit the company so that you can do what you need to do in the world. I believe we need to create the the ship that we need to get into.

Allison Maslan: What do you feel the secret sauce is to scale quickly and sustain?

Suzy Batiz: I would say, don’t be as interested in the big leaps — we always talk about “up and to the right”. Just keep going up and to the right and up and to the right. I think there’s a myth right now in the business world that you have to scale and you have to have those big leaps and those big jumps in order to make it, especially for startups. I would argue that money doesn’t always solve every problem — there is creativity and resourcefulness. I believe that our particular secret sauce would be that we really are passion- and creative-driven. My love is creativity and change, which can be kind of hard on an organization. Where I play the biggest part is in our creative marketing and how we look in the world so I’m kind of like a CCO / CEO.

We identify what turns a person on and try to put them in a job that’s closest to that because that’s going to turn the whole organization on. I think that’s one of our biggest secret sauces. That way we’re always inspired and we’re always excited. I say that we’re a creative agency that happens to sell an amazing product. Know what your strength is as an organization and really play into that strength.

Allison Maslan: How has WBENC been part of your growth?

Suzy Batiz: We love being a part of the organization and saying we are part of the organization helps us with buyers. It helps them know we are really a certified women-owned business and it’s very respected. I love being a part of the network that helps support other women. We all kind of wrap our arms together and say “okay let’s go” because united we are a bigger force than we are individually. It’s really helped us a lot. We have it on every sales spreadsheets and we speak to it — that certification says a lot.

Listen to the full episode:
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