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“Ever wondered about the benefits of becoming a certified women-owned business? Wonder no more – start today in learning about the process, requirements and how the benefits go far beyond a certification seal.”

“Women-owned? Now is the time to consider becoming WBENC-Certified. Fortune 500 companies and already certified women-owned businesses are actively looking for innovative, resourceful and motivated Women’s Business Enterprises to do business with. Learn more.”

“If you’re a 51% women-owned or operated company, you’re just a few steps away from becoming a WBENC-Certified women’s business enterprise (WBE)! And that’s just the beginning of the opportunities. Click to find out more about our application requirements.

“Is certification worth it? You better believe it. → Do you want: Access to supplier diversity and procurement executives? Access to networking events, mentoring, executive education, capacity development programs, and other business tools and resources? ❗If any of this piques your interest, then you need to get certified. Find out more:\

Credibility is essential in business relationships, and in our certification process, too. As the gold standard for women-owned business certification, we take the vetting process—and your company—seriously. That’s why we require documentation to verify the ownership, management, and control of applicants by the women owners, including financial statements, federal tax returns, partnership agreements, and more. To review our required documentation, click here:

Having access to the right #ExecutiveEducation programs can be the difference between a stagnant company and a growing enterprise. Our certified WBEs have access to practical, real-world training and mentorship to help entrepreneurs and leadership teams in a variety of industries. #WBENC #WBENCnetwork #WBEs. Learn about other benefits of certification here:

Don’t let concerns about the process deter you! Tens of thousands of WBENC-Certified WBEs shout from the rooftops that the process is incredibly worth unlocking all of the benefits. And don’t you want a certification that PROVES you are open for business and truly 51% women owned, managed and operated? We bet you do!


The testimonials can be used standalone with a Certification social graphic or together with a Testimonial graphic of the same. Great for social, web, presentation and marketing material content. 

“WBENC has a great value product – they deliver great programs, they have a great service model, and just truly understand and want to get to know us better as a Corporate Member.”
Theresa Harrison, Global Environmental Social Governance Services Leader, EY

“I have been certified since 2016 under WBEC ORV. This has been a journey of collaboration, connection, and belonging. I have established business relationships with other WBEs, been afforded opportunities to participate in leadership roles across the RPO and represent my RPO on the National Forum level. Certification is a critical factor in my business. Every women business owner should consider WBENC Certification as an integral part of her business!
Tina R. Macon, AllMac & Associates—Connecting People, Processes, and Productivity

“Where would I be without WBENC? When developing your business, the goal is to allow the unknown to make you known. You hear all about Diversity and Inclusion all day long. However, when implemented, the feeling is beyond joy. WBENC Certification helped D.A.L.S. Credit Solutions utilize a ripple effect of additional opportunities. The relationships developed within WBENC are something every women-owned small business should experience.”
Lynette T. Stevenson, DALS Credit Solutions Co. LLC

The “working together” aspect is huge. WBENC promotes women-owned businesses, they are not just collecting fees. WBENC puts stock into businesses succeeding. They mentor, introduce, follow up — the whole package.”
April Diez, Chairman, The Diez Group, LLC

WBENC Certification has allowed me to network with existing customers and potential customers in every market that M. Davis serves. WBENC is the only organization M. Davis belongs to, that provides access to such a wide variety of markets from oil and gas to pharmaceutical and everything in between.”
Peggy Del Fabbro, CEO, M. Davis & Sons, Inc.

Op-ed/Letter to the Editor

Edit and shorten as needed per the publication’s requirements. 

TITLE OPTIONS: Women-Owned? Being WBENC-Certified unlocks so more

This Women’s History Month, go beyond remembering the history of women in business

All businesses and organizations should know about the benefits of certification

As the country acknowledges another Women’s History Month this March, we must also acknowledge the significant disparity that still exists in revenue and capital between women-owned business and others. Add COVID-19 effects and the disparity has only increased in many ways.

That’s where the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the 14 Regional Partner Organizations (RPOs) and WBENC Certification is helping to bridge the gap, and why becoming WBENC-Certified is more important than ever. Being a WBENC-Certified women-owned business can pay off in spades, especially if you take the time to get involved, educated and engaged with the many programs and networking opportunities throughout the year.

WBENC Certification, through the 14 RPOs nationwide, is the most widely recognized and respected certification for women-owned businesses in the U.S. Thousands of corporations and federal, state and local government entities accept WBENC Certification as the gold standard, confident that WBENC has vetted each business and that each one meets the required criteria. From there, the sky is the limit in the form of formal and informal opportunities to connect with WBENC National Corporate and Government Members and other WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprises (WBEs). Certified WBEs can participate in year-round virtual, in-person and hybrid business, networking and education opportunities offered by WBENC and partners.

WBENC events and programs include networking, procurement and grant opportunities, mentorship, executive education, business enhancement training programs of all kinds, and many other tools and resources. The community of support that exists for WBEs is immense, with like-minded female business owners, supplier diversity and other experienced professionals coming together to help each other grow and thrive.


Our WBEs laud the benefits of WBENC Certification:

“Being a WBENC-Certified WBE is the sole reason that Tempagenix has had the success we have experienced to date. Being on and now in-store at over 1,700 Target locations was made possible through relationships with the Supplier Diversity contacts and WBENC MatchMaker opportunities. We have also met many other WBEs whose advice and support have connected us for many other opportunities.”

Shelly Heller, Co-Founder at Tempagenix LLC

Get started today to join this powerful, and increasing growing, network dedicated to growing women-owned businesses and continually increasing supplier diversity.

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