Each Friday in February, we are featuring one of our 2021 Women of Color Incubator Pitch Competition winners. These up-and-coming Black women business owners are sure to inspire and motivate other young Black women entrepreneurs, and all of us, to pursue their own business ventures.

Meet Katelyn M. Williams, founder & CEO of The Curly Scientist and 1st Place Awardee from North Carolina A&T State University.

What inspired you to start your business?

As a Black woman and Engineer, everything that could have gone wrong during my undergraduate studies did. When I entered graduate school after working in the medical field, the negative experiences I learned from allowed me to maneuver my next chapter with ease. I helped my classmates through similar situations from undergrad and expanded that aid to Instagram. Seeing and hearing the pain point of students on all levels inspired me to start The Curly Scientist.  

What has the entrepreneurship journey looked like for you so far? 

Entrepreneurship so far has been very exciting! To see my ideas turn into tangible products and services is very rewarding. I’ve been able to see all of my hard work paying off.  

 What has been the most rewarding part of being a young female entrepreneur? 

Knowing that I can be a student and a business owner. It feels good knowing that I will have my own business up and running prior to graduating. 

Where do you see yourself in one year? How about 5 years? 

Next year, I see myself graduating and continuing to build my business. In 5 years, my goal is to have monthly profits in the 4 to 5-figure range and solid partnerships with STEM-based companies/organizations and universities.  

What advice would you give to other female founders just starting their business? 

My biggest piece of advice is to get out of your head and start! 

How would you describe your experience in the WBENC WOC Incubator? 

The experience I had as a WBENC WOC Incubator participant was indescribable. The incubator gave me to tools to get my business up and running with confidence. From the speakers to the activities, I gained so much more insight into the world of entrepreneurship. Not only that, I made new connections with women entrepreneurs at my institution during the process.  

What did you learn during the program that will help you grow your business? 

How to consistently make revenue from products and services as someone in the education space. I also learned how to reach my target audience through organic marketing techniques. 


Katelyn M. Williams
Founder & CEO

The Curly Scientist was born out of necessity. Katelyn heard the issues that her peers faced while pursuing their degrees in STEM and lent a helping hand. Choosing the right STEM program, securing employment, and everything in-between may be new. But don’t worry, she’s got your back!

My goal is for everyone to reimagine what STEM looks like: the hue is changing everyday!