Women Who Own It Podcast is coming back for Season 2!

We are closing out Women’s History Month with a bang — launching Season 2 of Women Who Own It.

Hosted by Allison Maslan (self-made entrepreneur, author and business mentor), Season 1 of the Women Who Own It Podcast featured organic conversation and unscripted stories with AMAZING women business owners who built it, grew it, and #OwnIt. Buckle up for Season 2 with even more inspiring guests, more nuggets of wisdom to inform and inspire, and tips from our host, Allison Maslan, on how to scale your business in every episode.

Why get excited for Season 2?

  • New inspiring guests from women business owners and founder to supporters of women-owned businesses
  • Stories of how to thrive in the wake of a difficult year
  • Tips for scaling your business in EVERY episode
  • Updates about how to best take advantage of the WBENC network
  • More Allison Maslan! — our host and resident scaling expert
Season 1 Recap

Today’s leading women-owned businesses are pioneers in their field, setting trends, blazing trails, and bringing forth game-changing innovations. Women Who Own It, a WBENC Podcast for and by women entrepreneurs and their supporters, is your key to the insights of these incredible female founders and business leaders. Subscribe now to go back and listen to Season 1 and never miss an episode!

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