Do you have a game-changing consumer packaged goods product? Would $5,000 cash help jumpstart the expansion of your great concept? Are you looking for expertise on supply chain management, digital marketing, retail sales, customer experience and D2C execution from proven consumer product experts?

Get ready for Smart Tank! Sponsored and hosted by CAPAX Ventures, an investment subsidiary of Accel Inc. and the Brain Trust Founders, Smart Tank is your opportunity to pitch your consumer-packaged good product to win $5,000 cash, meet industry investors, and gain access to global supply chain partners and marketing professionals.



1st place to a Woman Owned Business: $5,000 cash and potential investment and a long-term partnership with CAPAX Ventures.s: There will be two winners of the competition:

  • 1st place to a Black Woman Owned Beauty and Wellness Business: $5,000 cash and membership in The BrainTrust Founders Studio.

Who Are The Judges? There will be two separate panels of judges, one for CAPAX Ventures and one for BrainTrust Founders Studio.

  • CAPAX Ventures:
    • Tara Abraham – Chairman of Accel Inc.
    • Pam Eason – President of WBENC
    • Tracy Holland – Chairman HatchBeauty
  • BrainTrust Founders Studio
    • Dametria Kinsley – Global Marketing VP, PDC Brands
    • Brandon Carter – Chief Strategy Officer and Venture Partner, Brain Trust
    • Lisa Stone – Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer, BrainTrust Founders Studio

Giveaways and Speakers:

  • Booth 1113 will feature not only Accel Inc. and Spa-Da, but also the BrainTrust Founders Studio, an ecosystem for winning for Black founders of beauty and wellness companies!
  • Do you have a beauty and wellness brand  with at least one Black-identifying founder and can you be in Atlanta to compete live? Apply at the link below for a chance to win $5,000! Judging the competition will be PDC Brands Global Marketing VP Dametria Kinsley, BrainTrust Chief Strategy Officer Brandon Carter, and Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer Lisa Stone. Click Here to Apply for the BrainTrust Founders Studio and Competition!
  • We’ll be conducting live interviews with Tracy Holland of Potential to  Powerhouse, as well as Lisa Stone, Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of BrainTrust Founders Studio,  and  Tara Abraham of Accel Inc. on supply chain, capital access, and diversity and inclusion, right from our  booth! You won’t want to miss out on these successful women sharing some of their  best advice and strategies.

How do you participate and what are the important dates? 

  • Get your tickets to the WBENC National Conference now! To participate in this LIVE event, you must be in Atlanta at the WBENC National Conference.
  • Apply and complete the form before May 31, 2022.
  • Six finalists will be notified that they have been elected to participate in a live pitch competition during the WBENC National Conference on June 8 from 3:15-4:00 pm to deliver their best three-minute pitch live to the judges
  • Three finalists will pitch CAPAX Ventures, and three finalists will pitch BrainTrust Founders Studio.
  • Winners will be announced June 9 at the WBENC National Conference!

With the supply chain expertise and resources of CAPAX and BrainTrust Founders Studio, it is recommended that only emerging brands with a physical product

apply. Note: Teams applying for BrainTrust Founders Studio must have at least one co-founder who identifies as Black.

Learn More and Apply by May 31!

Apply by May 31


Q: What is CAPAX Ventures?

A: CAPAX is rewriting the venture playbook. CAPAX is an Ohio based subsidiary of Accel Inc. that is partnering with inventors to provide immediate infrastructure and support around great consumer packaged goods ideas. Accel Inc. clients include Kellogg’s, Abbott, Victoria Secret, Bath & Body Works and more. With ISO-9001 facilities, technology in place and a team with deep experience in branding, marketing, sales, finance, customer experience and supply chain management, CAPAX instantly turns your product into a brand that is ready for big box stores. CAPAX believes that too many entrepreneurs secure funding but are then are forced to burn through it on risky and non-growth activities. By showing up with a blend of cash and (more importantly) infrastructure and support, CAPAX helps brands grow faster, more efficiently, and with far less upfront investment.

Q: What is BrainTrust Founders Studio?

A: BrainTrust Founders Studio is creating an ecosystem for winning by Black founders of beauty and wellness companies–via community, education, mentorship and, where appropriate, access to capital. Building on the foundation of BrainTrust, a brand development, social media and experiential agency founded by Kendra Bracken-Ferguson that has partnered with more than 200 brands. The Founders Studio unlocks manufacturing, distribution, marketing and operating resources to help grow and scale your business.

Q: Who can participate?

A: All WBENC entrepreneurs and female founder friends of WBENC entrepreneurs who have a consumer product that is already in market (even if it’s just online) or manufactured and ready to launch. With the supply chain expertise and resources of CAPAX and BrainTrust Founders Studio, it is recommended that only emerging brands with a physical product apply. Note: Teams applying for BrainTrust Founders Studio must have at least one co-founder who identifies as Black.

Things to consider for your pitch:

  • What is your product and what are the points of differentiation relative to the market?
  • What is the overall market size today and your 3-year growth potential?
  • What is your profitability now and path to better profitability? o What is your channel strategy?
  • Who are you selling to, why there, and how are you accessing the channel?
  • What are the risks and opportunities to all of the above?
  • What needs will CAPAX and/or BrainTrust Founders Studio fill to accelerate your business?