Read an excerpt from the latest episode of the podcast featuring Joyce Zhu, Founder and CEO of Numa Foods, a WBENC-Certified health-conscious company Joyce started in her mother’s kitchen, dedicated to making better-for-you treats. Listen to the podcast to learn about Joyce’s journey from management consulting to running a company alongside her parents, and about the most important startup secrets she’s learned nearly four years into the business.

 I think community is so important and you have to take the time and effort to really build one for yourself. You can find a real community wherever you are. I really encourage just getting out there with your story, with your passion. When you’re truly excited about something, it’ll draw people in and you can really create a support network that way.

– Joyce Zhu

Watch the podcast now for timeless insights on distribution, overcoming growing pains, and how WBENC can help pave the way to new opportunities to accelerate your business growth.


  • The most important resource every entrepreneur should rely on to get through challenging times (Hint: There’s a big chance you’re not taking full advantage of this as a business owner)
  • How Joyce has navigated managing the company with her parents — and how to avoid obstacles when you’re in business with a loved one.
  • The most common distribution mistake new entrepreneurs should guard against and avoid
  • How Numa Foods overcame the challenges of COVID-19 (plus the surprising way the pandemic helped accelerate the company’s growth)
  • How Joyce leverages her WBENC Certification to give Numa Foods an edge in a highly competitive market (psst – you can do the same!)
  • An insight into the most important things Joyce wishes she had known before starting her business (here’s your chance to learn from her mistakes)
  • And more!
Listen to the full episode:
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