When you’re running a business in a highly competitive market, it can be tempting to cut a few corners for the benefit of your bottom line. But according to our special guest on this episode of Women Who Own It, shortcuts don’t pay off in the long run for your business (or for the planet).

Read an excerpt from the latest episode of the podcast featuring Purvi Sahu, Founder and CEO of Purvari, an organic rose water and mist product line designed to nurture the complexion with wholesome, chemical-free nourishment that’s as pristine and natural as skin itself.

Founded on the principles of the 3000-year-old Ayurvedic herbal tradition, this WBENC-Certified company is dedicated to preserving the integrity of whole, natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced from local manufacturers. Tune in now for key insights on running a mission-driven business — plus discover strategies you can use immediately to incorporate more socially and environmentally responsible practices into your company while creating long-term, sustainable growth.

“Now more than ever, there is this alarming call to all of us and we need to pay heed to that call. Nature is screaming at us with the type of over-consumption habits that we all have fallen trap to. There are some businesses that are all about the end goal being money vs companies like us today who are trying to disrupt this monster…urging the consumer to make the right decision.”

– Purvi Sahu

Watch or listen to the podcast now to hear:

  • How being a new mother enabled Purvi to spot a void in the marketplace, ultimately leading to the creation of Purvari
  • The criteria Purvari uses when selecting suppliers and manufacturers (and how you can use the same benchmarks in your own business)
  • Purvi’s advice for business owners who are competing in a highly saturated market plus the two marketing practices that helped Purvari stand out
  • The four biggest things Purvi wished she knew before starting her business — and a powerful reminder that every business owner needs to keep in mind
  • The #1 mistake that most business owners make early on that can critically affect the growth of their company
  • The top 3 ways Purvari has benefitted since joining WBENC (psst – if you haven’t gotten certified yet, you’ll want to hear this)
Listen to the full episode:
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