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Read an excerpt from the latest episode of the podcast featuring Janet Sperry, a former oncology physician and Founder of Dakota Matting & Environmental Solutions LLC, a WBENC-Certified comprehensive matting supplier and turnkey access provider for the energy industry.

Tune in now for the inside scoop on this little-known industry that not only makes working safer and easier for oil and gas job sites, but also helps protect the environment.

Plus, discover the unique mindset, values, and practices that have helped Janet propel her company straight to the top — and how you can use them (and the support of the WBENC network) to supercharge your business success!

I would tell women, ‘Be aware of your gender, but don’t think about your gender.’ We all know our gender can affect perceptions, influence inter-actions with people, and overall can be a factor in the business world. But as long as you focus on why you are the best, or your product, service, or company is the best, you’re going to be successful.

– Janet Sperry

Watch or listen to the podcast now to hear:

  • How Janet built her business on the premise that handshakes matter, honesty is a given, and reputation is all that you have.
  • Janet’s top 3 tips for business owners who want to be more people-focused.
  • Some of the biggest challenges Janet has had to overcome during her entrepreneurship journey into a male-dominated industry.
  • Which strategies have allowed Dakota Matting to become one of the fastest growing companies in the oil and gas industry in a short amount of time.
Listen to the full episode:
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