Do you have a sustainable business solution? Apply for WBENCPitch: Sustainability for the chance to win up to $20K for your business.

WBENCPitch: Sustainability is a multi-round virtual pitch competition brought to you in partnership with FedEx and True Green Enterprises. This sustainability-focused pitch competition is designed to highlight the most innovative business solutions around sustainability across the WBENC network. Two winners will be awarded a $10K or $20K grant for their business.

Sustainability is defined as the processes and actions that help to avoid the depletion of natural/environmental, social and economic resources. Companies are eligible to participate if they have a sustainable product or service, offer sustainability consulting,  and/or have a strong commitment to sustainable processes and practices within the business.

WBENCPitch is a signature WBENC program from featuring a series of pitch competitions and educational sessions to help WBEs hone their business pitch, gain meaningful exposure, and compete for grants and other prizes to invest in their business.

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Competition Format

  • Application Period: April 26 – May 7​
    • Companies will be asked to submit a 60-second pitch video with the application for consideration. ​
  • First Round: May 17 – May 21 | 8 pm EST​
    • The online video showcase will be open to the public for voting. The top 25 videos to receive the most votes will advance to the Semi-Final round.​
  • Semi-Final Round: June 3 | 2 – 5 pm EST​
    • 25 participants will deliver a 3-minute pitch & participate in Q&A with the judges. ​
  • Final Round: June 30 | 2 – 4  pm EST​
    • Ten participants will deliver a four-minute pitch & participate in a Q&A with the judges. The WBE with the BEST sustainability pitch will receive $20K to invest in her business. The runner up will receive a $10K grant.


  • Currently WBENC-Certified
  • Business has a primary focus on sustainability
  • Business fits into one or more of the following categories:
    • Has a sustainable product or service
    • Offers Sustainability Consulting services
    • Has a commitment to sustainable processes/practices within the business

Why Participate?

  • Practice and perfect your business pitch
  • Gain actionable resources for successful pitching across all mediums
  • Access expertise and insights from corporate and business leaders
  • Generate exposure for your business amongst WBENC Corporate Members and the network overall
  • Win capital investments for your business in virtual and in-person pitch competitions

Eligible participants will pitch their sustainable business solution for the chance to win a $10K or $20K grant for their business! 

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WBENCPitch is a signature WBENC program from featuring a series of pitch competitions and educational sessions to help WBEs hone their business pitch, gain meaningful exposure, and compete for grants and other prizes to invest in their business.
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Rules & Regulations

Submission Acceptance:

By applying to WBENCPitch: Sustainability, I acknowledge that I have read & understand the following WBENCPitch: Sustainability ‘Rules & Regulations’:

Application Criteria

  • Participant must be a WBENC-Certified WBE in good standing whose business solution fits the following Eligibility Criteria:
    • Sustainability is defined as the processes and actions that help to avoid the depletion of natural/environmental, social, and economic resources.
    • Participants represent companies with a focus on any aspect of the above outlined definition of sustainability, and can be classified by one of more of the following categories:
  1. Sustainable Products/Services
  2. Sustainability Consulting
  3. A Commitment to Sustainable Processes/Practices within the Business
  • Participant must pitch an existing business solution that is currently ready for market or already in market, not a future endeavor in need of an investment. Participant must deliver an elevator pitch that highlights the sustainable focus of the business.
  • Pitch application videos are limited to 60 seconds. Any videos longer than 60 seconds will not be accepted or posted, and the application must be resubmitted. Participants should not include any trade secrets or confidential information in their pitch videos.
  • Person pitching in the application video as well as the live rounds must be a female owner of the company.
  • If the sustainable solution is a result from a joint venture between multiple companies, only one WBE will be able to pitch. If anyone other than one of the female owners is sent to participate, the spot to present is forfeited.
  • Applicants agree to be available to participate in ALL live rounds as outlined below. Unavailability to pitch in all rounds will result in disqualification.
  • Note: By submitting the application, business owners give WBENC permission to post and use pitch videos for purposes of the WBENCPitch program and related marketing.

First Round (Video Showcase)

  • All applications deemed to meet the eligibility criteria will be selected and showcased in the First Round of the competition. There is currently no limit to the number of qualified businesses that can participate in this first video portion of the program.
  • WBENC will communicate the First-Round participants no later than Friday 5/14/21.
  • The Video Showcase will be open for viewing and voting from 5/17 – 5/21/21 by the public and the extended WBENC network.

Semi-Final Round (Live on Zoom)

  • The top 25 WBE’s to receive the most votes in the First Round Video Showcase will advance to the live Semi-Final Round on 6/03/21 from 2 – 5PM EST.
  • Semi-Finalists will be required to participate in a Dry Run/Competition-Prep Session during the week of 5/24/21. Exact date and details will be provided upon notification of advancement.
  • WBENC will communicate the Semi-Finalist participants no later than Monday 5/24/21.
  • Semi-Finalists will have up to three minutes to pitch and two minutes of Q&A with the judges.

Final Round (Live on Zoom)

  • The top ten WBE’s to receive the highest scores from the judges in the Semi-Finals will advance to the Final Round on 6/30/21 from 2 – 4PM EST.
  • WBENC will communicate the Finalist participants no later than Friday 6/4/21.
  • Finalists will have up to four minutes to pitch and three minutes of Q&A with the judges.
  • The grand prize winner will be awarded $20K and the runner up will receive $10K. Both winners will be announced live at the end of the Final Round.

Live Rounds

  • All live pitching rounds will be held on the Zoom Webinar platform.
  • Participants are not required to use all the allotted pitch time per round; however, they will not be permitted to exceed these times.
  • No slides, screen sharing, video, or audio-visual support will be permitted in any round of the competition. Participants may use props, samples, and product demonstrations during their live pitch if the object can be held or displayed during their presentation and does not interfere with the use of technology/Zoom.
  • Virtual Zoom backgrounds are not recommended, but they are permitted. If a virtual background is used it must be a still image, no animated/video backgrounds.
  • WBE participants agree that WBENC may record the live pitch rounds throughout the tournament. The recordings of WBENCPitch are the property of WBENC and may be used by WBENC in any manner, form or medium, including the distribution of links that provide access to archived or stored recordings/captures of the event.
  • Live rounds will be judged by various panels of WBENC Corporate Member representatives and sponsor companies. Judges will engage in a short Q&A segment with WBE participants immediately following their pitch in the Semi-Final and Final Round.
  • All live rounds are open to a public audience for viewing. Registration will be required to attend and view the live sessions for spectators.

General Competition Information

  • Corporate and Government Entities may use the information provided in participant applications to make contact for potential business opportunities.
  • WBENC will not provide contact information to WBEs for Corporate or Government Entities.
  • WBENC does not guarantee any WBE who participates in this opportunity will be awarded a contract, or secure new business.
  • One grand prize winner will be awarded $20K to invest in their business. One runner up will be awarded $10K.
  • When a decision is required, WBENC will be the final authority.
Contact Information

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