Happy International Women’s Day! As WBENC continues into 2022 and our 25th Anniversary year, and Women’s History Month, we are sharing more perspectives from our powerful network of WBEs. 

In this article, we are sharing perspectives on how women’s entrepreneurship, leadership and the WBENC Network has evolved throughout the past 25 years. You may even know a few of the WBE leaders we feature below! 

Hannah Kain, ALOM Technologies

(Women’s entrepreneurship) has almost become mainstream. Twenty-five years ago, WBEs did not grow large, and female business owners/CEOs were scarce. We do not see the same hesitation among financial institutions in engaging with WBEs, nor with staff members. Sometimes even on the contrary. Maybe the biggest accomplishment is the large network of women helping women. This peer-to-peer network is tremendously powerful and allows everyone to thrive.

Patti Winstanley, Winstanley Consultants, LLC

One of the most significant accomplishments in the past 25 years has been has been the founding of organizations like WBENC, it’s 14 Regional Partner Organizations and WIPP that support and help provide opportunities for women-owned businesses. The support and opportunity through WBENC’s partnership with the SBA as a third party certifier for  WOSB (Woman Owned Small Business), has provided additional opportunities with the federal government. Through these organizations, women entrepreneurs have and will continued to mentor, partner with, and found opportunities for each other.

Kari Donovan, Precis Commissioning, Inc.

That women entrepreneurs span all industries and while they are still celebrated they are no longer such an oddity.

Shelly Heller, Allied Shipping and Packaging Supplies, Inc. and Tempagenix, LLC

Bold women stepping up and inventing and engineering their own brands.  Getting a seat at the table!

Biddie Webb, Limb Designs

More women are holding C-Suite positions than 25 years ago.  Women are crossing boundaries into industries that were once very male-dominated and having an impact on change.

Tina Stevens, Secondary Solutions, Inc.

The concept that women CAN DO ANYTHING. There is no ceiling (well almost). Women are going into all fields of work. Girls are being exposed to new ideas and concepts. Our youth is being told a different, progressive story as a result of 25 years of change.

Deborah Ward, Televergence Solutions Inc.

Being able to break through the barriers that previously stood in the way. Having a seat at the table and our voices heard by decision makers in the business world. Having a fair playing field to enable everyone to benefit and collaborate.  The most significant accomplishment lies in the numbers. As of today there are 11.6 million firms owned by women that generate 1.7 trillion in sales and employ 9 million people.

Kimberly Springsteen-Abbott, Commonwealth Capital Corp.

Just in my 18-year association with WBENC, I’ve seen the council embrace technology to help WBEs, increase communication channels for mentorship, and expand their educational and networking opportunities. WBEs are reaching out to each other. We’ve started a program at my firm to do just that.


As WBENC looks to our next 25 years, we know that there is much more work to do. Stay tuned throughout 2022 as we focus on how innovation is driving future growth and development in women-owned businesses.

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