Switching over to Women Owned products for more things you use everyday doesn’t have to be daunting. Similar to using more sustainable or eco-friendly products, you can work through segments of your life, your house or your habits, one at a time. In some cases, switching to both Women Owned and sustainable can even be a one size fits both.

No matter which approach you choose, you’ll be optimizing your purchasing power for the benefit of women-owned businesses, which in turn has a ripple effect of economic benefit into our communities and culture.

Get started now on one (or more) of these ways to infuse more conscious capitalism into your buying habits by choosing to #BuyWomenOwned.

Start with family or friends.

Discuss together what it means to support diverse businesses and women entrepreneurs, and the impact it can make. Then brainstorm what item or items each person is going to research and report back to “Make One Switch” and replace it with a women-owned product. Doing it together will create support, encouragement and greater awareness of the opportunities to support women-owned businesses.

Go room by room.

One day, week or month at a time, pick a room to review. Look at the products you use the most in that room, or ones that you might be close to needing again and could replace with a women-owned product. Think about items you’ve been meaning to get and start looking for a women-owned option.

For example, are you almost out of a go-to cleaning product or want to switch to a more eco-friendly laundry detergent? By planning ahead before you need something, you can identify more women-owned options.

Fill that threadbare pantry.

It’s a fact – we all love to snack. It’s also a great way to try new products and snag more from women-owned businesses. Next time you are in the Amazon app to buy that repeat purchase or headed to the grocery store, pull up the Food section of the Women Owned Directory on your phone first. We like to refer to it as we are scrolling the options or looking for packaging that we recognize from the list.

More and more certified WBEs are using the Women Owned seal on their packaging, too, so keep your eyes peeled.

Plan for holidays and special occasions in advance.

Hopefully you are looking forward to a Thanksgiving and holiday season of safe family and close friend get togethers again. Are you hosting Thanksgiving or a holiday gathering and could use some new décor or fresh recipes? Doing a gift exchange? Now is the perfect time to look for Women Owned products that will also make an impression.

New bundle of joy coming? Use your Registry as a way to support women-owned businesses and receive those amazing items you’ve been eying, and spread the word about Women Owned products.

Birthdays are always a great way to support Women Owned brands! Send your friends and family items from The Women Owned Gift Guide as not-so-subtle hints, or snag a unique and educational children’s gift for that next party.

One Switch at a Time

Replacing items in your home and life with women-owned products is most successful when it becomes part of your ongoing routine. It doesn’t have to happen overnight. By keeping in mind how you can source everyday items and sharing with others about how they can, we all can impact women entrepreneurs, families and communities in positive ways.

This fall, WBENC, through our Women Owned initiative, is hosting a large-scale public awareness campaign to boost support for women-owned businesses and encourage all consumers to #BuyWomenOwned. The campaign kicked off in October 1 for National Women’s Small Business Month, and builds momentum into November for National Women’s Entrepreneurship Day on Friday, Nov. 19, Small Business Saturday on Saturday, Nov. 27, and Women Owned Wednesday on Wednesday, Dec. 1.

The 2021 Women Owned call to action this fall is “Make One Switch to #BuyWomenOwned.” We encourage everyone to take one everyday essential they use and consciously choose to instead source it from a women-owned business. It’s simple and easy, but potentially incredibly powerful.

Learn more about the Make One Switch #BuyWomenOwned campaign and get involved. 

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