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Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) was founded in 2001 and is recognized as a national, nonpartisan voice for women entrepreneurs, advocating on behalf of its coalition of over 4 million businesswomen including 78 business organizations, including WBENC.  

As a legislative policy arm, WIPP identifies important trends and opportunities and provides a collaborative model for the public and private sectors to increase the economic power of women-owned businesses.

WIPP launched WE Decide2016 to collect data on issues and survey interests from the more than 9 million women-owned businesses as we approach key elections at the local, state, and federal level in November.

When you engage in the election through WE Decide 2016, your viewpoints on the issues will be brought directly to the candidates, the media, and the voters.


You can become part of the WE Decide 2016 community by:

  • Opting in to receive WE Decide 2016 alerts on new surveys and polls as well as news from the campaign trail.  You must opt in when you sign in to your personal polling station.
  • Take our surveys and quick polls so that we can add your opinions to our messaging to candidates on top issues.
  • Share the results of our polls and issue surveys via social media to your network of women in business and friends encouraging them to join the WE Decide 2016 community!

Women-owned businesses contributed to an increase of 2.1 million businesses, or 27.5%, from 2007 to 2014. Women-owned firms are starting and growing faster than their male counterparts, but challenges still remain, specifically the drastic difference in access to capital. WIPP invites you to share your economic viewpoints through WE Decide 2016.

Get started at http://wedecide2016.org/get-involved/issue-surveys


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Posted on August 2, 2016 and filed under Government Contracting.