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Mondays in March | 2:00-3:30pm ET

Join WBENC this March for a weekly series focused on opportunities for innovation with four of the WBENC industry groups. Each week features one industry’s unique innovation priorities. Leaders from the industry will present key challenges and trends to help WBEs discover innovation opportunities as part of the Innovate with WBENC program. Industry leaders will lay the groundwork by providing foundational knowledge of their industry’s needs, priorities, and future direction. 

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About Innovate with WBENC

Innovate with WBENC is a year-long event initiative to foster and empower innovation throughout our 25th year. This year-long series will feature a variety of opportunities for both WBEs and Corporate Members to better share and understand the needs, opportunities, and challenges around innovation. WBEs will also learn foundational knowledge needed for innovation and, ultimately, access a platform for WBEs and Corporate Members to connect and bring innovative ideas to the next level.  

The series launches in March with the month-long series Discover, designed to provide foundational knowledge on innovation needs within specific industries. The series will culminate at the exclusive November in-person event where WBEs will have the opportunity to pitch their innovative ideas directly to Corporate Members.

Why Participate

Innovate with WBENC: Discover is a weekly virtual series during the month of March designed to provide WBEs with foundational knowledge needed to enable innovation directly from WBENC Corporate Members. Each session is unique and will leave WBEs better educated about a specific industry’s or Corporate Members’ needs, or with a better understanding of the technology or skills needed to innovate.

This series is a rare opportunity for WBEs to hear directly from Corporate Members about their innovation needs.

This information will be relevant all year as WBENC continues the Innovate with WBENC series. 

Who Should Participate

The Innovate with WBENC: Discover series is designed for WBEs interested in creating new and critical solutions for WBENC Corporate Members.  

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Which industries will be featured?

Each week will feature one industry.

Stay tuned for more information about each week’s presentation. 

Is there a fee to attend?

No, this session is open to all and is free.

Will I get to connect directly with the Corporate Members?

This session is designed to be information sharing. You will hear key insights from the Corporate Members and be able submit questions through the Q&A function in Zoom Webinar. One-on-one networking is not part of the session.

Can I attend if I am not WBENC-Certified?

Yes, this session is open to all and is free.

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