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Join us Thursday, August 24 from 2-3:30PM ET for this insightful session, led by Women of Color UNIDAS Founding Sponsor Pinnacle Group.

The WBENC Women of Color program was incredibly pleased to launch the Women of Color UNIDAS Hispanic & Latina Community program, brought to you by Google and The Pinnacle Group in July 2023!

Women of Color UNIDAS is gearing up to host an impactful education session honing in on the critical theme of “Cultivating Brilliance: Fostering Talent and Culture,” a lingering concern for small businesses in the wake of the pandemic’s zenith and the subsequent Great Resignation surge. Attendees are in for a transformative experience, poised to absorb practical strategies and optimal methodologies of talent attraction, retention, and growth, all intricately tailored to their individual business stages. Join us in listening to the success stories of accomplished Latina entrepreneurs that emphasize the importance of fostering diverse and inclusive company cultures that celebrate the unique strengths and perspectives of team members.

Women of Color UNIDAS is a groundbreaking outreach program under the WBENC Women of Color umbrella designed to foster and promote the growth of Hispanic and Latina-owned businesses nationwide. Developed as an inclusive and empowering initiative, this program aims to support established Hispanic and Latina entrepreneurs in scaling their enterprises, enhancing their networks, and accessing the resources necessary to achieve long-term success in today’s business landscape.

WOC UNIDAS sessions are held on Google Classroom. You will receive additional information on how to access Google Classroom shortly after registering.