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WBENC Women of Color invite ALL to join us Tuesday, February 6th in celebrating Black History Month, a time to honor and recognize the monumental contributions of individuals of African descent who have shaped U.S. history and influenced the global landscape.

In February, we dive deep into the rich tapestry of stories, achievements, and undiscovered treasures in Black History. Prepare to embark on a journey through these sessions, uncovering hidden gems and celebrating unsung heroes whose impact has been profound yet not widely acknowledged. “Black” is both an inclusive and expansive term, representing a wide range of ethnicities, languages, and regions in all parts of the world.

Our focus will also shine a spotlight on the formidable women of color who have been pivotal in shaping our communities and the world at large. These trailblazers, both past and present, have harnessed the power of business as a force for greatness. Through their entrepreneurial spirit, they’ve uplifted communities, nurtured the next generation of female leaders, fostered the growth of women-owned businesses, and brought critical issues to the forefront of public consciousness.

Join us for an enlightening session that promises to broaden your perspective, deepen your understanding, and inspire you with the extraordinary stories of Black individuals and their indelible mark on our world.

The WBENC Women of Color Program is an outreach and development program designed to build and strengthen a dynamic ecosystem for women of color entrepreneurs. All are welcome to attend.

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