2024 Forum Insights Series Session | Domestic Team:

“AI Revolution: Unlocking Efficiencies”

All Certified WBEs are invited to join this session with the Forum

“AI Revolution: Unlocking Efficiencies” presents an engaging session with Jill Frey on leveraging AI in all departments of your company to simplify everyday tasks and enhance job performance for today’s efficiency-driven world. Jill is an AI evangelist who uses AI in her business to drive efficiency. She has challenged her leadership team to use AI to complete at least 30% of their job responsibilities daily.

Jill and a few key members of her team will be showing how they use AI for all kinds of operational and administrative tasks to get their jobs done better and make their lives easier. Expect to walk away with insights and simple action steps to begin using AI to improve your overall performance.


The Forum is a select group of WBENC-Certified WBE CEOs nominated by their Regional Partner Organization (RPO) and appointed by WBENC that dedicate their time to advocating for women-owned businesses. All WBENC-Certified WBEs are encouraged to attend these insightful sessions and also learn more about the Forum.

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