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WBENC Certification Application Process
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Criteria for Certification:
  • Applicant company must be at least fifty-one percent (51%) owned and controlled by one or more women who are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents,or in the case of any publicly-owned business, at least fifty-one percent (51%) of the equity of which is owned and controlled by one or more women who are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents; and
  • Whose management and daily operation is controlled by one or more women or women owners.
  • WBENC uses a two part process to ensure that the applicant company meets the WBENC Standards.  This will include a thorough review of the documentation presented and a site visit interview with the female owner(s).
  • Click here for a copy of the Standards and Procedures used to determine certification (recommended reading).

Application Instructions:

To expedite the efficient handling of your application, please read all of these instructions before you begin the online application.

  1. Gather all of the required documents. For documents that do not apply to your company, please provide a written explanation stating which documents do not apply and why.  Click here for Documentation Required.

  2. Review your legal and financial information to ensure that your documents support woman/women ownership, control and management.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT!  Have the owner and contact add to their safe sender list.  The owner and contact are made aware of the status of the application via auto notifications from each time it has completed a step.

  4. Register and complete the online application.  NOTE:  This application will become your company's resume once certification is granted.  Please type in upper and lower case letters and be as thorough as possible.

    • Use a PC or a MAC with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox ONLY,  please ensure that you follow the guidelines for computer settings PRIOR to attempting to register.  These instructions appear on the landing page under the heading, "If you are REGISTERING to START an application."  

    • Register using the owner's information only
      •  Save the user ID and password as it will be needed once certification is granted to access your profile and certificate and to keep the content current. (Note: The user name will be the complete email address entered for the owner. The user name cannot be duplicated in the system, so if there is more than one company applying, please update the user name created prior to creating the password in the system.)
      • The application will open when registration is complete and it will be saved page by page allowing it to be completed over a period of 90 days
      • Answer ALL questions with a red asterisk (*) to save the page as well as other questions that apply. Please do not answer questions that do not apply to your company. If you do not know the answer to a specific question, enter an answer in the correct format that the question requires as a place holder. You can save and continue with the application or return to the application later to complete. Information can be edited as long as the application has not been submitted.
      • When the last tab has been completed and saved, the Summary View will automatically open to allow you to print a copy along with the Sworn Affidavit and the User 3.7 Agreement if needed. DO NOT SUBMIT the application until you have reviewed it for accuracy. Once you submit, you will not be able to make changes.
      • Within 24 hours of submitting the online application, the Company Owner and Company Contact will receive an automated email notification with the name of your assigned Regional Partner Organization, the address to mail documents, and the non-refundable processing fee amount. This information also appears at the top of the printed Summary View. Be sure to save the contact information.
  5. Mail your application, non-refundable processing fee, sworn affidavit that has been signed by the female owner and notarized by an authorized notary of the U.S. or one of its territories,  WBENCLink User Agreement 3.7, and the remaining required documents by certified mail, UPS or FedEx to your assigned Regional Partner Organization. Please account for ALL requested documents even if they are not applicable.

Please note that when you click the link below to begin the online application, that you are leaving and going to our password secured, proprietary database,  Should you need to save your application and wish to return to it, make sure you return to and use the gray box at the top right to log in.  However, to register, you must use the link located at the bottom of
Reminder! The application is the last step in the process.  Please do not register until steps 1 & 2 have been completed as gathering the documents is the most time consuming portion of the process.  The application is only active for 90 days and will purge if not submitted electronically within that time.

Go to to begin the online application

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