Tiffany Ringgold


Managing Director, Northern California District, Western Region, FedEx Ground

Tiffany has been with FedEx Ground for more than 17 years. She began her career in 2004 as an operations manager in San Francisco, California and quickly rose through the operational ranks in the Western region. Tiffany has served as a senior manager in four different facilities before being named Managing Director of the Northern California district in 2018. Tiffany’s people-first approach continues to be the foundation of her success. As a professional, she is always taking on developmental opportunities such as graduating from Linkage and EDGE. She has successfully led, participated, and organized multiple DE&I symposiums for Black Professionals Network (BPN), Pride and Allies Network (PAN), Asian & Pacific Islander Network (APIN) and the Hispanic Action Network (HAN). She currently serves as the Director Sponsor to PAN.