Robin Wilson

Clean Design Home


Robin Wilson grew up with a few strikes against her: asthma and allergies requiring hospitalization and yet, she used the barriers to leap higher and stronger as an entrepreneur. Using her life journey and business insight, she has focused to create a niche called ‘allergen aware’ allowing her CLEAN DESIGN HOME brand to capture a segment of the $60 billion market for asthma-friendly products. As both a private label and a licensed brand, she was a participant in the Macy’s Workshop program, which taught her how to be a good retail partner. Now, as a part of the Macy’s SPUR Pathways program, she continues to expand her product line which now includes pillows, candles, cleaners, bedding and bath products. Her brand is the first black global brand in the utility bedding sector – and is sold at Macy’s, Belk, Wayfair and every branch of the military.

She is the author of CLEAN DESIGN: Wellness for your Lifestyle, which won over 15 book awards and was #1 on Amazon and Kindle books (2015) as a simple guide for the consumer on
simple changes to create a healthier living space. In 2020, she was named to the INC magazine ‘Top 100 Female Founders’ list.

Robin Wilson has built her brand over two decades. She believes in an entrepreneurial vision focused on the “daily little steps” and the power of resilience required throughout the ups-and-downs of an entrepreneurial journey. She holds an MS from New York University (Real Estate Finance) and a BA from the University of Texas at Austin.