Norel Mancuso

Social House Inc.


Social House Capabilities Statement

Norel Mancuso is the CEO of Social House, Inc. an award-winning Digital Growth Agency that has broadcasted content to more than 182 countries worldwide. For the last decade, Mancuso and her team have created distribution strategies, creative content, and paid media campaigns for a multitude of brands and industries, including Pepsi, Revlon, Harry Winston, LORAC Cosmetics, SONOS, Playboy, J Brand, and other notable clients. With an established background in global marketing merged with her love for all things digital, Norel – through Social House, Inc. – has emerged as a leading voice and thought-leader of impactful original content, producing online experiences and cultural dialogue that resonates and inspires 

Social House, Inc.™ is an award-winning Digital Growth Agency.  We transform brands via strategy, content, and influencer campaigns designed for paid media amplification. More than a paid placement agency, we design and curate elevated content and then implement that content via paid media to drive exponential growth.  Success in the digital space requires an agile, innovative, and even unconventional approach to stand out. We specialize in tapping into cultural dialogue amongst global audiences, by utilizing our TriVision Approach. Through this methodology, we craft targeted narratives that intrigue, inspire, and ultimately convert. 

Why did you start your business? 

I wanted to create a safe place for the misfits, the free-thinkers. The people who didn’t quite fit in at big agencies or companies but who were incredibly talented and not able to shine. Since 2011, Social House, Inc. has been that stage for our wickedly intelligent, diverse, and growing staff. In addition, since Social House began, we have aimed to bridge the gap of communications between brands and the masses in a way that created turned   

Who is your favorite LGBTQ+ icon, and why?   

As a strategist and creative, I have always admired the late, Keith Haring. In just 31 short years of life, he was able to transform the art world by seeing NYC as a blank canvas for creativity. In 1988, Haring was diagnosed with HIV and created the ‘Keith Haring Foundation’ to support children’s programs and organizations dedicated to raising AIDS awareness. Haring died in New York in 1990, of AIDS-related complications but he was able to profoundly influence the way people viewed the HIV/AIDS epidemic with a foundation that has continued to change lives, even today. 

What advice would you give your adolescent self? 

Remember that the harshest critics are always in the nose bleeds so get out into the world and fearlessly innovate!