Michelle J. Boggs

McKinley Marketing Partners’

CEO & Co-Founder

As McKinley Marketing Partners’ co-founder and first employee, the company’s President, and CEO. Her leadership, courage, and instinct for optimizing business processes and procedures have driven McKinley’s growth and solidified its reputation as a firm that consistently delivers top-notch marketing talent.

Early on, Michelle developed a rigorous candidate screening procedure—a highly selective process that serves as the foundation for McKinley’s quality standards. This unique process allows McKinley to provide clients with candidates that fit their needs and corporate culture.

Michelle attended Southwest Texas State University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. Michelle’s career began in commercial development before transitioning into marketing and public relations. After working in sports marketing for a decade, she decided to switch gears and began consulting independently.

As a marketing consultant, Michelle leveraged her marketing and business development skills while maintaining a healthy work-life balance—an experience she wanted to share with others. As a result, in 1995 she co-founded McKinley Marketing Partners and, even after all these years, she is still thrilled by the results it delivers to clients and candidates. There’s nothing better, she says, than matching a candidate looking for their dream job or project with a client looking for their hero employee or consultant.