Lianne Lami

Bocci Engineering


Bocci Engineering & Construction Capability Statement


As founder of Bocci Engineering, Lianne’s entrepreneurial spirit is the foundation behind the company’s success, diversity, and talent. She brings to Bocci a career of more than 30 years in the energy industry and strategic partners and executive relations through corporate, advisory and board officer roles. Lianne leads Bocci to provide high quality, responsive consulting services in the areas of energy, water, wastewater, industrial, manufacturing, and institutional segments. Her vision for Bocci, her passion for innovation, and her drive to serve have built a unique scalable business. 

As your strategic partner, Bocci Engineering & Construction specializes in Sustainable Solutions That Pay For Themselves. We are a multi-disciplinary consultancy formed in 2002 focused on innovative water, power, and infrastructure projects.
Bocci’s operations first perspective drives value through resiliency and sustainability. Bocci’s development strategy aligns Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) metrics. Bocci’s integrated Owner’s Engineering and Program Management solutions ensure success. From concept through completion, we deliver safe, sustainable, responsive, and cost-effective technical consulting services nationally. 

What advice would you give your adolescent self? 

Enjoy the Journey, celebrate, define your own success! 

Share your business philosophy and its influence on your success. 

Lead from your heart, follow your passion, and strive for sustainability (people, profit, planet). 

What advice do you have for other LGBTQ+ business owners? 

It’s okay to ask for help, partner & COLLABORATE! 

What values have led to and continue to support your business acumen?    

Integrity and all relationships matter.