Kim Simon

BP Customers & Products Mobility & Convenience Americas

Vice President Strategy & Transformation

Kim Simon is the vice president of strategy for mobility & convenience Americas focusing on the all-inclusive retail aspects of the business. Kim has a passion for people and driving change and continuously seeks ways to use her diverse experiences and capabilities to deliver on strategic or operational goals. Throughout her career, Kim has viewed challenges as opportunities to improve as a leader and reinforce the benefits of being a continual learner.
Kim began her career at BP in 2011 and held several leadership positions in BP’s global business service organization. During the early part of her career, Kim worked for a major natural gas company, followed by a few years in the insurance industry.

Kim received a Bachelor of Science degree from Marshall University and her Master’s Degree from the University of Charleston. She also has certified public accountant designation. In addition to her formal education, Kim had opportunities to further develop her career through various special project assignments and leveraging experiences outside of her academic focus of Finance & Accounting.

Outside of work, Kim’s favorite past time is simply enjoying time with her family and travelling to warm destinations.