Keyaira Miller


Merchandising Vendor Development Lead

Keyaira Miller is a Lead Business Partner on the Merchandising Vendor Development Team. In her current role, she is responsible for sourcing and connecting emerging diverse and/or women owned brands to support Target’s merchandising strategies and drive inclusive assortment for Target’s diverse guests. Keyaira has a passion for retaining and growing brands, allowing them to reach their fullest potential by empowering them with the right foundational tools, partners and resources in hopes that it creates a space to fuel generational wealth and drive economic vitality and equity. Keyaira brings a broad set of Retail experiences and expertise spanning over 15 years within the areas of Buying, Sourcing, Product Development and Brand Management. Prior to Target, Keyaira was at Amazon Fashion, leading the Women’s Product Development team within Private Brands. Much of what Keyaira loves is involved with collaboration and connection. Assembling a team with gifts different than mine, who shine in ways I don’t have, has been both inspiring and crucial to my success. Keyaira completed her undergraduate study at The University of Northern Iowa and completed her graduate degree The Academy of Arts University. Keyaira currently resides in Midwest with her loving husband and 10yr old son.