Kendra Bracken-Ferguson


Founder & CEO

Kendra Bracken-Ferguson is an internationally acclaimed thought leader. In demand for her strategic vision and attention to brands that want to grow to scale quickly and sustainably, she is a sought after speaker and c-suite/board advising powerhouse. Kendra’s ecosystem of leadership is rooted in her global conglomerate BrainTrust where she is the Founder, CEO and General Partner.

BrainTrust is an award-winning, global force created by Kendra in 2015. It was the first of her suite of BrainTrust enterprises leading to her founding BrainTrust Founders Studio in 2021, now the largest platform dedicated to Black founders of beauty and wellness companies that has not only changed the face of beauty but also empowered Black business owners to enter the room and sit at the tables of capital and wealth generation.

She also is a General Partner in the adjacent BrainTrust Fund I, dedicated to investing in breakthrough Black-led brands that serve the majority. A transformative brand builder, Kendra is the secret ingredient in guiding and monetizing more than 200 influencer-driven brands that have collectively generated more than $100MM in revenue. Kendra has created and launched seven brands in partnership with celebrities and influencers. Among her firsts, Kendra has the distinction of being one of only 100 Black women ever to have raised more than $1MM in investment for her first company.