Karen Elliot


Merchant - Hardware

Karen Elliott is a Merchant on the Hardware team at Lowe’s.

As an avid problem solver, Karen has spent the past 20 plus years of her Home Improvement career finding creative ways to deliver results. From helping solve issues side by side with the consumer in-aisle early in her career in stores to leading initiatives focused on engaging with vendors, Karen delights in pushing boundaries to find solutions. In her past roles, she has had the opportunity to lead initiatives ranging from Into the Blue to proprietary Product Development projects all while leaning into her vast experience as a store operator and a Merchant. She likens her career path from stores to Merchant to Product Development and Private Brands as learning the journey of an item – from ideation to customer’s home. Currently, she is managing an exciting Hardware business and is passionate about bringing solutions to customers.

Karen holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.